Sunday, 26 October 2014

Black Vibes Jewelry

Happy sunday everyone!!!
So it's already the second day of school holidays, how had it been?
Most schools' sec 3 had to go back to school during the holidays for remedial classes, but our school is an exception.
This will probably be the last blogpost i'll be writing before my girlguides camp tomorrow, till wednesday in school, unless i try to stay up at night to blog, i'll try my best alright!!
Anyway, i've received this parcel from Black Vibes Jewelry, who sponsored me this 3 in 1 combination bracelet as i find the design super duper unique!!

selfie before shoot

Black Vibes Jewelry is a shop that sells customised accessories! There's soooooo many gorgeous designs to choose from! The owner is a very friendly person & i really like how she treats her customers & replies. She's super reliable so don't worry she's scam free ^^
Besides, she ships worldwide!!!!!! Isn't that a good thing? Not only Singaporeans can purchase from her, you can also purchase from her when you are not staying in Singapore. :)
If you find that it's very difficult to purchase from her online, dont worry!!!! Black Vibes Jewelry are opened @ Mybox ; Scape Underground. If you don't know where it is, it's where most of the fleas are at during the weekends, just go to the basement & look for her items @ Mybox :)

GIVEAWAYS! WHO DONT LOVE GIVEAWAY ISN'T? Black Vibes Jewelry is having monthly giveaway. Which means when you purchase any items from her, you can stand a chance in winning their giveaway! Simply hashtag #blvbfeedback your purchase to join their monthly giveaways!

Quote ''BryanaxBVJ'' for a 10% off in your purchases, this promo code is only available from 26th October 2014, which is today, until 5th November 2014, which is also my mummy's birthday yay hehe.

Do follow them for more updates!!
Instagram; @blackvibesjewelry
Carousell; @blackvibesjewelry

Contact them at

Order in this format;
Item shape & type:

Just so simple! :)

Remember to follow them on instagram, & do purchase from them using my promo code!!

Thankyou so much to everyone for reading my blog T.T I totally don't expect so much page views as my blog is super boring haha, but still thanks everyone for making me so happy!!!

Do ask me any questions on my askfm, it's still relatively new but it's super dead haha direct link below :)


Bryana Huang

Family Outing

It had been soooo long since the three of us went out together, & finally we did, yesterday.

As usual, wearing my favourite colour, Black, styling with my new plain black romper that i bought on carousell, my marc jacobs watch, my favorite Stylenanda platform heels & aunthentic kate spade bag.

We took bus 109 to Nex, Serangoon & we went to ate at Bibigo.

While waiting for food, obviously, selfies are not to be missed.


chicken salad
kimchi soup
fried mandoo
kimchi pancake
kimchi fried rice
ssamjang pork

some healthy black rice?? haha idk

In total it's like $74.15, i remembered so clearly as the numbers rhymes, & it's super catchy when you say it in chinese fast hahaha.

After the meal, we proceed to suntec city to collect our hell kitty race pack.

and my mum, who is super duper crazy about hello kitty, says that we must take photos with hello kitty, so yeap, we queue & we did!

after that, we headed to toast box for tea break, & after that we went into uniqlo & i started taking picture in front of the big mirror, but then my mum & grandma walked away boohoo.

Later, we went back to Nex & went to Watson to grab some last minute loots for my camp, which is tomorrow. I left halfway & went to meet 4 customers before reaching home at around 8.30pm, like finally.

Im sorry if it seems boring, i will try to blog more & interesting hahaha.

Thankyou so much loves!!!!! xx
Bryana Huang

Thursday, 23 October 2014


I've received a black choker from inkedxwrist_ & it's really cute!! Plus the material, it's just different from other shops :)

inkedxwrist_ are selling instock chokers at only $3 each!!!! it will be $2 each if you purchase more than 10. Besides, she's also selling rings @ $1, bracelet/anklet @ $2.50 each.

the chokers are super elastic & it doesn't hurt when you wore it.

inkedxwrist_ is a blogshop who sells a variety of lovely apparels that are tumblr-ish & best still, there are very at affordable prices!! they will be bringing in instocks for items that they are selling in their preorder which actually needs 2 weeks waiting time. instocks = no waiting time . you don't even have to wait for the item & you can still get it at a very cheap price!! :)

quote ''bryanahuangx'' & get a free bracelet/anklet/ring when you purchase a choker from them!!

do also follow them on carousell @inkedxwrist_ & support their preorder & buy their instocks chokers now!! :)

Thanks for reading everyone,
Bryana Huang