Saturday, 19 September 2015

16th Birthday

Finally found time to update my blog, it's been so long!!!!!!!

Going to blog about what i did for my 16th birthday. This will be quite a long post filled with lots of pictures so do bear with me!!!! :)


Went for a short 2D1N staycation over @ RWS.
 Had tuition & went to church earlier that saturday, & only arrive @ about 9pm to look for my family.

by the time i reach there, it's about 9pm at night so we didn't manage to walk around.

after dinner, we head to our hotel :-)

The next day, we went for a swim!!!!
The scenery is simply amazing, so glad that it wasn't that humid that morning.

it's time to check out :-(

changed into this outfit as i wanted to photoshoot so hahaha photoshoot @ the hotel room's balcony.

after we checked out from the hotel, we head for lunch @ vivo city.

my center parting though hahahaha

Dog Cafe

finally met Evelyn after so long!!!! we went to Bugis+ & head towards one of the famous dog cafe in Singapore, WTF (we are the furballs) !! However, we found out that it's completely packed & we have to wait for about 1-2 hours, which we are fine with it.

and shortly, evelyn called khim ann to look for us. he brought along his girlfriend & well, it's pretty awkward.

soooooooo he helped us to snap some shots!!!

finally, after about 1.5 hours, khim ann & his girlfriend left, while we received a call from the cafe!!!!

had our dinner @ subway when i saw a familiar back, IT'S TOSH!!!! i alerted evelyn & we chased after him for a picture hahaahha i swear people are judging us sooooo badly!!!

Actual Day

every weekday, whenever there's school / most of the time, Jolene will always text me about 7.10am & ask where am i, before walking to school with me. However, this morning, i didn't receive any message from her. I was kind of upset as i thought that she had forgotten my birthday, that im being replaced & all.

when i arrived in school, i saw Jolene, Jovin & Peiyu gathering together & i heard Jolene saying 'OMG shes here shes here'

Little did i know, they had prepared a little surprise for me!!! :-) 
It's actually my first time receiving such a special gift from my friends, & i was super happy about it!!!!

So thankful to them :')

Happy belated birthday Yixi !!!!! Known you since 2009 & being in the same class as you for 3 years in primary school. Despite us being the only two person from 6Faith'2011 who came to North Vista, we drifted apart & no longer close. It's pretty awkward even when we walked past each other in school, either smiling awkwardly or pretending not to know / see each other.

i know my cake looks like a mother's day cake (my mum says so but she still bought it so) ....... BUT PLEASE DONT JUDGE THE APPEARANCE OK!!!!!! it's my favourite, cookies & cream ice cream cake!!!!

Belated Birthday Celebrations / Presents

it's the first time i received a bouquet of flowers. it's really unexpected as i didn't expect this from my cell group. really blessed !!!

well, besides all these celebrations, not to forget all of you who wished me on social medias & in school. really thankful & glad :-)

i really enjoyed my 16th, thanks all for being part of it!!

Signing Off,
Bryana Huang