Tuesday, 31 December 2013

three one one two two zero one three

hehehe holla to whoever is reading this!! :) it's the last day of 2013 hooray!! countdown party is starting in 10min but im at home eating hokkien mee that my mum tabao back home *sobs* KELIAN MAH? D: so sorry if you dont understand hahaha .

i was very upset today!!! i tried to start a convo with him today, trying to ask him which elective he took, then his reply hurts me, like a knife stab into my heart " why must i tell you? you also not my mum or gf. " sigh. yeah im not your gf, it's been 80days since you left, i just forgotten that im not anymore.


went to LMS portal this morning & i saw my new classmates lists gosh... total of 35 people in 3E3 & only 8 boys in the whole class?!?! WHAT IS THIS. i even saw some names that i dont like appear omg how am i going to survive in class with them?! zzzz sad life me. :<

and yay im not index number 1 next year!! im index number 2 hehehhe. lucky belle is index number 1 phewphew. life of index number 1 sucks i swear. :(

btw, i was so happy that i received the pair of lens that i won from a small giveaway on instagram today heheh. i cant rmb which instashop, think it's @ohsofab!! :) havent opened it yet as it's 0 degree sobssss. So picture taking only bah. :)

it come along with pink casing hehe woohooo :) cant wait for school but no it's too early argh T.T just hope i wont be late for school again muahahahaa.


Sunday, 29 December 2013

malaysia getaway pewpewpeewww

update on my trip to malaysia this weekend!!! went to batu pahut to my relative's house to 2D1N :) time is limited so we didnt went to alot places. i stayed over at my 4th jiu gong's house, along with my mum & both of us just cant accept the fact that there's no hot water for shower OH NOOOO. D; luckily my jiu mu boiled hot water for us to shower but it's just a pail of water NOT ENOUGH FOR ME!! D: the condition in their house is extremely horrible!! houseflies everywhere, the house filled with dog shits & it's very dusty sobs. nvm bear with it for 2days, can one!!

going back to sg tonight as our bus is 4pm, rching home around 8plus zzzzz i just want to go to home sweet home boohoo :(


Saturday, 28 December 2013

idk idk idk

last thursday, which is 26th december, 11.28pm i received a unexpected text from him.. earlier that day i thought of msging him, i wanted to ask how's life recently.. i typed it all out, but i deleted them all.

apparently, it's super duper awkward for us to start talking after so long again. but i guess time heals LOLOL. im still wondering whether the messages above that he sent are true or just joking sigh. I dont mind waiting for him. but will he still have feelings for me by then?

i just want to love him only.
wait for him when he's in NS.
walk down the aisle with him.
watch our kids grow up.
grow old together.

but will these really able to happen between me & him..? or isit just my silly false hopes? SIGHHHHHHHH.

i love him.
i miss him.

Friday, 27 December 2013

blogshop fears

im like another ordinary person, who's selling preloved items, brandnew items, preorder items & many more. i own a instashop @shopxnanaa since last year & dealed with many customers.

i really loves preorders alot, because thats the only business that i can earn more money than from selling instocks. BUT i really hate preorder sometimes as the delays are super annoying. i've ordered items online too, there's one time i ordered a apparel from a blogshop who's waiting time is 1week. okie 1week is fine for me. but in the end she told me that it will be delayed till 1month later?!?!?! sighhhh.

recently, i've a authentic jansport preorder in my instashop. and total i have 7 orders, but because my supplier dont allow me to send in orders in 7, so i have no choice but to send in 5 while i ordered 2 more from another instashop. in only 10days waiting time, the 2 jansport bag arrived & currently both the bags are with their new owners already. it's been 2weeks & my supplier, the one i've ordered 5 jansport bags from her, claims that " it's been only 11days " ( she just texted me earlier on )

i really hope those 5 jansport bags arrive by 31st december as i really want my customers to receive their bags before school reopens.

i seriously hate those suppliers who give stupid attitudes like " delay lo. bobian. " errrr whaaaat?!?!?! you show me this type of attitude & you want me to accept it???

i had another preorder including paddlepop hoodie, floral highcut sneaker & sandals. the waiting time is 3-4weeks for the shoes & 2weeks for the paddlepop hoodie. yes ofc suresure. i've sent in orders on 22ND NOVEMBER. see that date?? YES 22nd november. and till now it's been more than 1month & none of the preorder items arrive yet???????!!!! the paddlepop hoodie should have arrived by mid december while the shoes should have arrived before christmas?!??!?!!!

i assured my customers that their items will arrive before christmas as i trust my supplier alot alot as she's my school senior ( even though idk her ) but now she told me " sorry my supplier overseas now " , " sorry my supplier busy " , " delay lo "

im really upset with blogshop owners having attitudes like these. i think im the only stupid blogshop owner who will cry because there's a delay in the items. but i cried because i felt that i let my customers down. some customers are even very excited for their items to arrive when they ordered. but now... sigh.

please please please, instashop owners should just maintain their attitude sigh. :/


throwback to christmas partyyyy


throw it all back to 24th december, christmas eve hohohohoho!!! a big feast ( quite small leh ) for me, my mum, my grandmother, my aunt & her friend!! :) no like turkey so chicken is da best choice hehehe!!

my aunt went alittle too crazy & look so cheeky in all the pictures above hahaha ohgod.

had a lot fun camwore with them, acting silly posts & did you notice our shorts??? heheheh pajamas party woohooo!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

merry belated christmas everyone! hope you've enjoyed it with ur loved ones!! :D


Monday, 23 December 2013

happy happy monday

helloo helloo, hehe back with an update about today!!!


justjoking :3

was really upset last night as i thought of my ex again & today is 23rd, which used to be our monthsary. today i went jcube with the gorgeous girls, jingjing, peiyu & jovin. :) the previous time i went jcube was on 23rd june 2013, with him. okay i should stop talking about the sad memories.

BACK TO THE MAIN POINT, this was the 2nd time i went ice skating & it's with da same group of people hehehe. met jingjing at 1pm sengkang & she helped me put on some makeup hahahaha. took around 1hour of mrt from sengkang to jurong & we skated from 2.50pm to 4.50pm yay!!!! secretly brought it starbucks again :P it was sooo crowded & there's a long long queue outside the ice rink queuing to go in. :) the ice as compared to kallang's, jcube ice are smoother!! ( actually no big difference )

there's so many pros & kids over there & i nearly fell down, millions & tons of times hahaha. me & jingjing are like superglue & we kept sticking together as both of us dont really know how to skate like a pro lol. during this 2hours of skating & slacking, i saw alot people sliding down & getting injured, i'll have a feeling that im going to fall down soona or later oh gosh lucky i didnt >< i have a lot fun with them, especially me & jingjing just cant stop taking pics hehhee.

DAMN. can you fucking believe that school is going to reopen next thurs???? NEXT THURS!?!?!?!! time fliesssssss :<

Thanks for reading!!!
hugs x kisses

Bryana Huang

Sunday, 22 December 2013

dedicated to deslyn

this post is specially dedicated to this deslyn, one of the best friend i've met in my secondary school life. she dont know that i'm blogging about her so yeah.

she's the first "stranger" that i've met on first day of school last year when i was secondary 1, 2nd Jan 2012. i dont have any classmates i knew that came to North Vista Secondary School & i knew no one. how she & I met was pretty awkward haha, i still remembered clearly what happened that day. when our class was called to stand up & go to explore our new classroom, Deslyn literally fell down & cant stand up lol. i went up & hold her up, saying " Are you okay? " in a super duper awkward & soft voice. after then, we became friends. We didnt sat together in class, i sat with Sining as i cant find any seats x.x during recess, i have no friends at the moment except Deslyn ( as i shut my mouth shut ) so i went recess with her. We didnt know what to eat at first, & after 5-10min, we decided to eat chicken rice MUAHAHAHA yay.

I guess after one week of sec one, when we know our register number, i realised im register one & Deslyn is register two!! so every morning we sat tgt at the parade square & slowly get closer to each other. But, during Feb'2012, idk why but we drifted apart, after i know Jolene & became close friends with her.

I cant rmb when but we reunited again yay. We went everywhere tgt, to class, to toilet, to canteen, after school. Im really blessed to have her as my best friend. Even though we quarrel & cold wars at times, because of friends, because of ny ex, because of some misunderstanding, but it's really great to know her. During May, when my ex & I broke up the 2nd time, i kept msging & ranting at Deslyn, in the end after one day me & my ex patched up & she was like "scolding" me in a funny tone ( idk how to explain oh gosh ) I remembered during October, when my ex broke up with me, i cried alot, & she's always there for me. Im a crybaby in class & i cried lots of times in class, she's there for me ( along with Jolene ) To be honest, sometimes im really really jealous when she's with other friends ( so sorry!!! ) Time flies, it's been two years since i know her & sadly we wont be in the same class next year sigh. ( IM VERY SAD OKIE ) 

During this December holidays, me & Jolene kept asking her out but we got rejected a few times as she's going out with her CCA friends :/ Her birthday is 14th December, i remember so so so clearly!!! She kept saying i remember her birthday by my ex's birthday but oh well.

Thankyou so much for everything you've done Deslyn, teaching me maths, playing with me in class, being there for me everytime i need you & being the best friend i've met in my school life. Please dont forget me & drift apart from me & Jolene next year even thoug we wont be in the same class. Always remember this, i love you bestie. :)

Thanks for reading. xx

Bryana Huang