About Me

I'm Bryana Huang, born on 29th July 1999 & standing at only 151cm.

I started blogging since June 2013 about my national day parade experience, just for the sake of fun as back then, i have completely no idea what does a blog do & all.

 Ever since then, i started having a passion of blogging & eventually continued. I blog about anything. About fashion, about family, about any events that i encounter/ any occasions.

I don't like it when people label me as 'popz kid'. Just because i have more followers as compared to most of my friends, it doesn't mean that i am famous, i am just socially active.

As one grows up, our thoughts & dreams, mindset & goals are no longer the same. I used to dream of being a model, being a famous person, & be the center of attraction. Now? All i want to is to help those in need, to be part of a child's education when i grow up. I want to be happy doing what i like, not what others want me to be.

I used to feel that a blog without readers is meaningless. Likes on instagram, followers, comments, blog views used to be so important to me. However, it doesn't matter anymore.

I blog not for the sake of others, not because others want to read.
I blog because it became a part of me, a place for me to pour out my emotions.
 I blog because it's my passion.

Afterall, thank you for visiting my page.

God bless.

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email me at cursedstitchx@gmail.com for any advert / sponsorships enquiries

God bless & have a great day ahead everyone. :)

1 comment:

  1. Hey! I don't know you and I didn't read much about your blog but anyway what I want to tell you is that it's great to dream!
    With a dream, you'll aspire to head somewhere which leads to countless paths and routes in the future and I believe with determination, you'll make it there.

    And another thing, good luck for your national exams! Be it O or N level :)
    Luckily I finish mine last year :3