Tuesday, 27 May 2014



23rd may is Vistarian Adventure Run aka VAR which is at Sengkang Hockey Stadium. woke up soooooo damn early, went tgt with syaz, vanna & jo, reached at 6.45am. at first plan to queue for mcdonalds & buy hashbrowns as IM FREAKING CRAVING FOR IT AT THAT MOMENT but mcdonalds is totally filled with vistarians queuing up :(((((( 

had girl guides duty that day, me & jo left halfway & go for the run with our 2E4'13 girls clique woohoo. wished to get top 50 & get the damn nice badge, sadly no :((( however, i had sooo much fun during the run as pictures all da way :x

bae *faints*

reunited w bae hehe

after the run, back to guides duty. was sooooo busy helping out at the 100 plus booth ( thats our duty ) & im like a mad dog mixing the 100 plus, scooping the 100plus, pour into small cups, giving out, obviously with my wonderful guides hehe. CAN U BELIEVE I FREAKING POURED 100 PLUS ALL OVER MYSELF & my pe shirt, pe shorts, shoes & socks are soaked, LITERALLY SOAKED.

after the whole event ended at 10.40am, went to my bae's house along with my awesome awesome girls power, & went compass point to eat kfc tgtttttt
sadly after lunch we went home on our separate ways *cries*

& & & i went hougang mall with my ahma & tingting for a shorrrrrtttttt while & pictures all da wayyy.

thats all for this boring blogpost! thanks for reading & i love you guys lotssss muacks hhehhe :)

Bryana Huang

Friday, 16 May 2014


HEYYA!!! finished my exams yesterday & there's soooo much to update on especially on the recent outings!!! are you still having exams or in holiday mood already??????????

8th May
Went study date with two of my favourites, Evelyn & Liuhui at Woodlands!!! Woodlands is like sooooo far from Hougang & it's like 1hr bus ride from one end to another bloob blooob. BUT IT'S WORTH IT TO MEET THEM OKAY HEHEHE. ok im not bias la dont say im bias im good okay weehee. anyway, was chionging to revise amaths last minute becos it's amaths paper the nxt day!!!!!!! Before Liuhui left for tuition, it's selfie ttime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok i nidda maintain. anyway, after she left & when me & evelyn were chionging like mad (( not rly mad i didnt touch my pen at all )) someone tap me from the back. GUESS WHO???????? SNOOPY THE GAY SHAWN. freaking yes thats him woooooo. it's been so long since i last saw him & i actually seen him less than 5 times i guess!!! enough of studying = pack bag, shop at pasar malam, follow snoopy take bus ride, back to woodlands & bye :c THERE'S SO MANY PICS & IM SO HAPPY BECOS THEY SEEMS SO IMPORTANT TO ME EVEN THOUGH WE KNOW EACH OTHER FOR LESS THAN 2 YEARS!!!!!! ok enough enough, i hope to meet them soon weeeee :-)

16th May
 At first 5/6 of my clique decided to go out today, but Deslyn & Gamei cant make it sooooo it's only me & the two gays went out today. Wore my new lens out for the first time as well !!! Didn't expected me & hng jie to be wearing grey today HAHAHA.
Went to Bugis & watched Godzilla. It's such a freaking last minute plan that i didn't brought out my jacket &&&&&& the three of us are like struggling inside! The whole box of popcorn fell on the floor when the movie haven't even started. major ew. ( not my fault, blame jiajun woops ) Snatching each other's bags, trying so hard to get covered lol.
Godzilla is such a damn freaking nice movie, please go & watch it!!!!!!!
After that went to Gardens By The Bay as suggested by Hng Jie & it's soooooo humid outside sigh.
Stayed there for only awhile as the weather sucks like asdfghjkl, we can't take it.
Even though we went out for 5hours today & it's so boring without my 3 girls, I'm glad that i enjoyed myself by spamming lots of pictures hehehehe.
Wish that the whole full clique will be able to go out together again, without any quarrels.

grey lens of the dayyyy

shameless selfieeee

idiotic lame selfie
'' i can be the top model '' - hng jie

'' admire my ass? '' - hng jie

we failed badly
shameless selfie on mrt hehehe
'' where you look at leh ''

blue pic but yay we are grey peopleee

14th May
Went Nex with my SC-BG for some song-singing session again, despite having dnt exam the next day. It's damn awkward for me as the couple just can't maintain themselves....... hahaha kidding la jing & ced.
Sang quite little as most of the songs they selected are those that i didn't heard before or not sure about. ( mostly chinese songs )
It's so sweet seeing the couple holding hands, hugging each other & singing love songs together awww. Kinda jealous but staying single seems better. :)
Zopa, Ernst & Elijah came in halfway after their movie which im so freaking glad that they came & join us & lighten everyone's mood especially watching Zopa singing is the best hahahaha.

No pictures that day because aint nobody got time for that.

13th May
YESSSS no school + no tuitions for that day as it's public holiday!!!! Was damn sian at home as i'm just scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Carousell, Neopets & Youtube. Went bowling at Kovan for the first time with Jingjing , Chinkong & Eugene. It's so freaking awkward for me as it's been so long since i last talked to the two guys??? Only started talking during halfway of bowling & i'm totally being a antisocial ass by sticking to my phone before they talked to me as IT'S FUCKING AWKWARD.
Glad to catch up alittle with them after so long, & i'm happy about that.

group photo

so.. i guess that's all for this post! sorry for spamming so much pictures but yeaaaah, pictures are memories & i want all these memories to stay.


Bryana Huang