Friday, 23 December 2016

Santa's All-Star Christmas

4some is back again????!!

It's been close to a month since I met them in NYP for dinner.
Even though it was a pretty short one, but I'm glad we managed to find time to meet up with one another.

It sucks how the 4 of us are in 3 different polytechnics and we no longer can hang out with one another almost every day, just like back then during Secondary School days.

I was late as usual, & we only met up with one another around 4 pm since I was working in the morning.

Off to USS once again!! x

We took Human ride first since the waiting time was shorter as compared to Cylon.
I couldn't remember when was the last time I took Human ride, but I was extremely excited.

I only started taking roller coaster early this year.
I could still remember I took Cylon ride with Qi Fang during USS 2k16 countdown at 1 am.

My love for roller coaster started since then.

We had to wait about half an hour in order to take the roller coasters as there are a few tour groups over at USS that day.


We head on to Santa's Village.

I was afraid of the Elf and the other characters in there, especially when they talk and dance around us.

''Let's take an Elf Selfie shall we?''

Here you go!

Snow came pouring down & I wouldn't want to miss a picture with it!

Thanks Jolene xo

My face when I realised the snow has stopped.....

'Hurry hurry, let's take a picture with Santa Claus!'

'OMG, It's Gingerbread man!!!!!!! Guys let's go let's go'

I finally took a picture with Gingerbread Man!!!!!!

We went for a round of Cylon ride before heading to Universal Journey.

I was extremely afraid of heights, but I still love taking roller coasters.

Jolene and I tried singing on the roller coaster, but it definitely failed when I started screaming my ass off.

'Jolene look at the sunsettt-ahhHHHHH'

yup, that's me.
Okay, let's go to Universal Journey!



And more selfies. (ok I mean wefies)

Thanks to Snapchat, I've became Santa Claus!
Ho Ho Ho x

Afterwards, we left USS & head over to Vivo for dinner.

If you're a close friend of mine, you would know that food is always on my mind.

'Guys, what are we having for dinner?'
'So what are we having?'
'Where are we eating at guys, I'm hungry'

Oh well.

Thanks to Jolene's recommendation, we went to The King Louis.

It was my first time dining there, and I was really excited to try the food out.

The portion was bigger than what I've expected, but the meat was amazing.

I couldn't remember the name of the platter, but it was the first platter listed in the menu.

This platter cost $59.90.
It consists of a variety of different meats and potatoes.
We ordered the one that was meant for 2-3 pax, but we couldn't finish it at the end.

Since they are having a 1 for 1 promotion, we ordered 4 King's Rose Lager Beer.

'How do you find the food ladies? Would you like to have any desserts?'

'What about on house desserts for you?'


2nd consecutive year celebrating Christmas together.
To many more years of celebrations to come,

Merry Christmas everyone,
enjoy your day with your loved ones.

Bryana Huang