Friday, 25 November 2016


it's 1am in the morning.
you're asleep,
while I'm here,
fighting with my thoughts,
my insecurities,

I was caught up with school ever since sem 1.2 started.
wanting to get better grades, wanting to be a better student.

things started to collapse when I couldn't manage my time and priorities properly.

I thought I was happy all along.

I thought life is finally getting better for me,
when I realized,
it didn't.

In this period of time,
I neglected my loved ones.

I lost myself in the midst of loving the one I love.

I'm so afraid this love, 
this happiness
would be temporary.

I don't want to be happy temporary.
I don't require a temporary happiness,
a temporary love.

I'm sorry I'm such a difficult person to love.
I'm sorry for everything that I've done.
I'm sorry,
for being me.

/ oh god. please stay.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

empty promises

all she wanted was to feel loved,
spend time with you,
all she wanted was to love you.

why are you taking things for granted?
what had she done to deserve this?

do you remember back then,
when you made those promises,
that you will love her no matter what,
that you will never give up on her

action speaks louder than words
everything you said
lead her on
putting all her hopes on you
that you will be that right guy

false hopes
empty promises
that's all you know

do you even love her at the first place?
I doubt so.

now that she's tired
she finally stood up
and never look back.


11 June 2016 - 7.13pm