Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Van Lee Fitness

I have been taking Muay Thai classes since March 2016, which means I have been training for close to 1.5 years already.

I have no idea what Muay Thai was before that, and my first time hearing about it was in December 2015 during my first photo shoot when one of the photographers mentioned about it.

One of the days in March 2016, I was jogging when the word suddenly came into my mind once again. I eventually went to search more about it on Google.

I managed to find a few gyms in Singapore teaching Muay Thai classes, but I was uncomfortable with the fact that I have to train with guys and trained by Guy trainers.

Finally, I chanced upon Van Lee Fitness.

I contacted Vanessa Lee and arranged for a trial class, on 15th March 2016.

My first lesson was pretty challenging. I felt nauseous & have to take a short break in between.

I was not a fit person, I do not make it a habit to take time off & exercise.
Ever since I joined Van Lee Fitness, I get stronger physically.


I started off not being able to even do a knee push up properly, but now I can do as many as 25 reps non-stop & even tried out the proper push ups on toes.

I remember not being able to do a proper kick, & will always injure my toe nail.
It took me a few months to finally get it, & now I can do as many as 50 speed kicks at one go!

The post-workout cramps I get after every lesson just makes me feels so good.
I always look forward to heading to class to relieve stress & to feel stronger afterwards!


My trainers always encourage me to finish the set, they believed in me when I couldn't.
'Harder, Faster, 1 more minute left!'
There's so much positive vibes around during the class.
'Not a single one drops!'
Everyone motivates each other especially during group workout.
We countdown together, we persevere till the end of the set.

I had a few encounters where Van Lee is the one holding the pads for me, & she encourages me to complete the set by constantly chanting, 'Last 10, Higher, Faster!'
It really encourages me to finish strong, to make every rep counts.

I started attending Van Lee Fitness on my own.

In order to ensure that we mix around with others in the class, the trainers will always make it a routine for us to change partners, to know the other members in the gym.

As I am one of the youngest members in the gym, I felt really awkward to talk to the rest but look!
I have made so many friends by now!

VLF is like my second home, I really enjoyed heading there every week.
The other members in the gym really inspired me to train even harder.
If they can make time to train after one whole day of work, to continue training even after having kids, why can't I?

Despite the age gap, I find that it is very easy to talk to the other members in the gym.
I feel very relieved when I'm being paired with someone older, as they act as an role model for me, to learn from them, to be full of energy.

Everyone comes from different walks of life, but we are one big family in Van Lee Fitness.

Van Lee Fitness is the first and the only all-women Muay Thai Fitness gym in Singapore, located at 63/63A Neil Road.

Varying from Muay Thai classes to Hot Body Conditioning classes, they even cater to personal training too!

Van Lee was the first female Muay Thai trainer in Singapore.
She has also trained the Singapore Police Force and Singapore Armed Forces before!

For those who would like to check them out, the gym is 5 minutes walk from Outram Park MRT (Purple Line Exit) & you can easily spot the gym.


Last but not least, quote 'BryanaVLF' for $10 off your first package!
*Offer valid till end of July 2017*

Head down to https://www.vanleefitness.com.sg/ for more information, class schedules & testimonies!

Hope to see you there someday x

Bryana Huang