Friday, 4 March 2016


hi guys! it's been awhile since i did a update so here it goes! :)

it's been 3 weeks since i got a new job, being a relief teacher in a kindergarten.

well, i have to admit, i've been happier ever since i started working there. 

nothing else really matters as long as you're happy right? 

waking up at 5am used to be a mission impossible for me.

but ever since i started work at the kindergarten, there's always something motivating me to wake up.

the innocent smile on the children's face.

even though waking up early for school is a struggle, it just makes me feel so happy that they're excited to go to school, to learn new things & to play with their friends.

' wa ahlian teacher sia '
' you sure you can teach them not or teach them bad things like colouring your hair'

ever since i got into early childhood studies in temasek poly through jpsae, i'm already prepared to receive such comments by outsiders.

true enough, i've received all sorts of comments.
nasty messages on askfm, cursing me for getting into the course, telling me that i'll fail even when i get into poly, comparing me with those who got into the course using their o level results.

while on the other hand, i've also received encouraging notes & messages from anons on askfm & also some of my close friends, telling me not to give up & to start afresh when i starts school.

and lastly, thank God for having me back in church after 2-3 months :-)

fast forward, i started work on 15th february.

as i didn't really have any experience of communicating and teaching pre-schoolers, i struggled at the start.


it really sounds so awkward hearing someone calling you by your surname, very.

time flies & it's been 3 weeks since i started work. im glad that this job is such an eye opener & i've learn new things along with the children!

- patience is much needed.
well, in addition to having to look after 18 children in the class, 2 of them required special attention as they couldn't seat properly like the other children & to concentrate in class, communication problems as they have difficulties speaking whats on their mind (they tend to cry instead) & they couldn't feed themselves. thank God usually there's 2-4 teachers in the class, one of them is leaving next week & the other teacher only comes in during mother tongue so, goodluck to myself.

- toilet
i've never assisted a child in visiting the toilet, never once in 17 years.
throwback: on my first day of work, i accompanied a girl to the washroom and it's my first time doing that so i was pretty much clueless about it. her ass almost fell into the toilet bowl i swear it will be such a disaster if that really happened thank God it didn't & as the toilet floor is wet, her skorts got wet. didn't know that she could either change her skorts (if she brought extra pair) or borrow from the kindergarten itself.
conclusion of story: she went home with a big patch of pee / water on her skorts (woops!)

as i'm the youngest teacher in the centre, the pre-schoolers tend to be closer to me as our age gap is nearer = i don't mind playing around with them sometimes.

despite feeling exhausted after work, i love my job so much.

5 more weeks before i leave my job for poly.
 excited for poly to start, but not looking forward to leave my work place.

I've never expected 2016 to be like this, not at all.
I'm really thankful for everything that have happened for the past 2 months in 2016, looking forward for what God have for me this year!!!

Thanks for hanging around on my blog, glad to have you guys around. xx

Bryana Huang