Monday, 29 June 2015

back to hell

how's everyone's monday blues????

it was hell for me though.

okay firstly, here's the advert for Trendtell.
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i have personally chosen Black Shimmer as the sponsored item as i love black glitter alot as it symbolise elegant & casual ((in my opinion)) besides, it can be easily matched around with different outfits!!

$6.50 for a pair of necklace, isn't it much worth it than buying from retail shops???????

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thankyou so much for approaching me for this collaboration x

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okay heading on.......

i managed to got up early at 6.03am, wash up till 640, drag around till i left house at 6.57am. unfortunately, i missed my bus, & i have to wait for 12mins as the bus app says so, which means the bus will reach my bus stop at around 7.10am so like okay la not that bad ah.

end up, the bus reached my bus stop at 7.20am instead of 7.10am -.- i tried waiting for a taxi instead but all that have drove by are either busy / hired. in that case, i was late for school, again.


i really don't mind having to stay back after school instead of eating into our lesson time like HELLO LESSONS FOR SEC 4 ARE SO IMPORTANT?????

back to level 3 after 3 months WOOHOO ((thanks to someone for breaking his leg during march holidays thanks ah thanks))

about like 12.30???? after chinese lesson, i went to refill my water bottle @ the nearest water cooler, & was warned by my friend not to refill from another side as the water is white IDK WHY AND HOW SO OKAY.

i didnt suspect much until i finish filling my 1litre water bottle, i realised that there are lots of water bubbles inside the bottle. ITS THE FIRST TIME. i find it strange so i told my friends about it & pour the water away. i decided to try my luck once again & this time round, it's worse. more water bubbles, cloudy & it totally look unsafe for consumption. i went to smell the water from my bottle & realised that it smelled like a swimming pool??? LIKE WTF???????????

luckily, when i returned to class with a empty water bottle ((sighpie i need water so badly)), my friend told me that our mutual friend went to drink lots of the water cooler the previous week, & gotten a bad diarrhea. he went to inform the general office & they just simply replied like ''oh sorry the filter is spoilt''


ok sorry for raging i felt so much better now.

later on, after school about like 5.30pm???? i was about to head out with my mum but i was waiting for her friend to fetch me. out of a sudden, a random number called & i refused to pick up, because i dislike picking calls so much HAHAHA sorry people. end up, this random number called my grandma's phone & without even asking who it is, she assume that it's my mum's friend who called & asked me to go down now. i went out like 10 mins after the call because the number called once again to rush me so like ok la just go.

since i got a habit of taking selfies while waiting for the lift ((SORRY DONT JUDGE ME HAHAHA)), i heard the lift door open like like ok la i was about to enter when i saw him. my ex & his friend. i was so shocked & stunned at that point of time, that i took a moment to process what's actually going on at that period of time.

so he's like ''hi bryana. um i was the one who called you earlier on. can we talk alittle downstairs? i need to explain what happened in the past.''

it's so awkward & i was literally trembling.

i finally saw him after 7 months, being 3 timed by him, oh well.

he confessed that he met this girl online, before he went for a 4D3N camp, which we cant communicate at all. things were very bad at that time & i was very insecure, lots of quarrels are going on.

end up, we broke up as i found out that he was already attached to that girl at that point of time.

he kept apologising to me, & even told me to keep in contact, which later on he confessed on whatsapp that he had been planning this for the past 3 months & he wants me back.

no no no just no.

okay heading on,
my mum, her friend & i went to sushi tei @ serangoon gardens for dinner. 

less than 4 months to o level, while the stress is catching up along with the amount of work i received from teachers, i'm still trying my best to juggle my studies along with my social medias, i know it's super hard to do so though.

To everyone who's reading this, do study hard & all the best for everything. God bless & you're amazing x

Do look out for my next blogpost coming up real soon!!!

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Lots of love,
Bryana Huang

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

photoshoot @ punggol waterway


Finally, after so long of shooting at boring backgrounds, I'm so excited when i heard that my mum is bringing me to punggol waterway for photo shoot. ((i requested for it duhh))

i didn't expected her to agree but she did so, & my reaction was.....

The moment we got there, i saw a group of pregnant ladies standing by the bridge, wearing crop tops & some even draw faces on their tummy! Besides, they are a group of besties &are all pregnant at the same time. Isn't that cool????

Anyway, the first outfit that I'm shooting is featuring the floral crochet bralet kindly sponsored by @Shoppoah ((on instagram))

There's adjustable straps & smoked back details at the back. You can easily match the bralet with a pair of high waist shorts & you are ready to go. Casual but at the same time, fashionable. You can even pair it up with a skirt for formal events too. Make your outfit stands out by wearing a vibrant coloured necklace too!!!
Get yours only @ $13.50 mailed :)

Everything in their shop is below $13, purchase any two items in their shop for only $23.90, including free postage!!!!

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Secondly, shooting this outfit featuring one of my newest loot, lace bralet that i bought in Bugis street for $15 hehe.

Lastly, featuring one of my feminine dress that i have.....

you're in my wishlist yoooo

I'll continue to blog as much as possible whenever I'm free, do stay tune for more!!!!

Bryana Huang