Thursday, 31 October 2013


today should be a happy day for me. but then, i ruin it. i mean like literally, i totally ruin my mood. 

i was at bugis shopping with my pri sch bestie when i saw alot of couples over there & my friend started talking about her boyfriend, things they did together, places they went together. after that, she talks about couple rings & couple tees that she & her boyfriend is getting. all the memories of me & him came flowing back. and i realise, all those things that my friend talked about, like holding hands while walking, being sweet to one another, had never happen to me before. oh wow.

im currently listening to a song " i still love you - suzy " which lyrics's totally the same as how i felt. im felt so stupid to continue loving him even when he's gone hah.. idk why but i adore the one who ignores me, i dislike the one who wants me. if there's another second chance ( impossible ) , i would really make things right this time round, with no one else coming in into the relationship.. those days, those worthless days i've been tgt with him, actually there's nothing special
. we go out together like friends, me walking behind him, speechless. but, i really miss those times. those times spent with him. no matter what we doing, where we are, with him around, i just felt safe.

i tried forcing myself to accept someone new, but i cant. i dont even have any feelings for other people. i want to move on, but the more i try to move on, i fell further backwards..

those couples out there, treasure your other half. never let anyone else enter your relationship, or you'll regret it like how i did. LAST LONG PEOPLE! :')

update soon.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

3sided friendship

sometimes, it sucks to have like many friends. i mean like, not that i dont like anyone or what, it's like when it comes to going out & dates crashes, i really dk which to go. you're my good friend, she's my good friend. all of you are at the same position. would someone even goes like comparing which friendship they have is stronger?? o.o

but then i realise, i have alot of friendships where there's 3people in that so call "clique" as what they say, if 3people take pictures together, the middle one will be the most "suay" one. jialat, im always the one in the middle.

few days ago, i went out with two of my friends ( names cant be told ) but they are among my close friends group. one girl one boy thats all i can say. then, halfway through, they started talking between they two about how good their father are, making me felt soooo left out. maybe because i dont have a father, so i dont have anything to say??? i asked the girl some question like " where shall we go now " or something , & she literally ignored my question ! i started pretending to use my phone, ignoring them. but actually, im hurt lol like srsly.

After that day, i didnt wanna go out tgt with fnds in 3. But, friends mah. Wont die one hor. There's one question i always wonder, can a guy & girl really be best friends without any feelings involved??? Best friends that act like couples, siblings ohmy. Would you prefer being in a relationship or in a "bestfriend" relationship??? HAHA. a guy friend like this would be soooo awesomee.

update soon.

Judgemental worlddd

since i cant close my eyes & sleep, i shall blog about judgemental world lor.

you see, we all live in this pathetic judgemental world where people start judging you because of some little things. commonly what we usually heard are things like " wah she so ugly still got boyfriend arh " , " she so fat! " , " wah this girl so short " and manymany more. people cant stop themselves from how they grow doesnt?? to do think they want it this way, HAH.

im ugly , im fat , im short but how? im born this way lor. I have fat tummy , my hips are very huge, & i have only tiny little bit of thigh gap, pathetic enough?? everytime i scroll through instagram, wah all those skinny & pretty girls, they can wear whatever they like, & they look good in anything. me?? everytime i just have to stare blankly at my closet thinking what to wear sigh.

there was once i went shopping with my mum & my first wish list is high waist jeans. so, i went to the jeans shop with my mum & i tried on the jeans. I LOOK FREAKING HORRIBLE IN IT. you can totally see my hips bone popping out. as i have huge thigh, i need a bigger size. and you know what? when my thigh can fit in, my waist area will be very loose. when my waist area is fitting, my thigh area will be very tight. that day i really felt SO HORRIBLE, i really felt like crying that day. sigh. i really felt like taking a chopper & chop off some of my fats :/

i tell myself i wanna be skinny, but hard you know. see food, eyes go blingbling. but know what? FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF. dont change yourself just to attract the opposite sex. if that guy/girl really loves you, he wouldnt even care about your appearance & love every single thing io you.

i used to be someone who changed myself to "attract" guys, & it attracted the wrong group of guys. ew. all they matters are looks. no looks, scram off. that's what those jerks think. 

those perfect guys in fairytales hardly appears, well it didnt appear for me. but i hope miracle happens? HAHA.

those people out there, stop judgement others. nobody is perfect, neither are you. you dont have to be jealous of others because everyone is their own unique one. no one have the same DNA right? HAHA. feel good about yourself, ignore the haters. learn to accept people's positive comments about you & you will feel happier each day. i tried & it works HHAHA.

update soon.

Saturday, 26 October 2013


bellooooo. i just had a girlguides camp from thursday till yesterday, & we even stay overnight in school ! :D

Thursday, we had to report in school by 9am with our camping bags. you see what i broughtttt. sooooo fat & big " army " bag HAHAHA. When im carrying these two bags im like falling backwards you know . D:

yay , i've managed to bring my small stitch along to the camp teeheee.

Thursday after we report in school at 9am, we had to learn sewing with Ms Grace Sim. She taught us how to make a tissue holder & ribbon & ruber bands with cloths! this is kinda exciting as it's my first time sewing hurhur . xD im toooo lazy to use the machine so i've decided to try hand sew, & i kept pricking my finger. >< it kinda sucks but good attempt at first try hor! :D i still cant figure out how to tie a knot so i kept asking my fnds or juniors to help me tie a knot on the cloth woops. :b soooo here's the end product! ^^ i did a ribbon with cloth cos it's easy yaaaay.

after sewing, is lunch time & the lunch is like nasi lemak with only a scramble egg & hotdog :c not niceeeeeeee okayyy. and the drink of the day is rose! but....... it's SUPER DUPER DILUTED!! D':

Can you believe?? IM THE MC FOR THURSDAY'S CAMPFIREEEEEEE! WOOOOOOO. Along with jolene, mavis & rachel ^^ we teached them how to sing some of the guides songs from the songbook & after that we went to the isquare & our DEAR DEAR SENIOR SOREX, taught us how to set up a campfire. c:

( woops epic face ) xD

WEEEEE, the time we had been waiting for is HEREEEEE!! it's the campfire yayyyyyy! Im sooo nervous before the campfire starts you know! But apparently, we failed the campfire as most of the sec 1s kept their mouth shut!! Sooo it's like only the seniors sing you know. WORST CAMPFIRE EVER BOOOOO :( i suckk. The campfire lasted from 5pm to 6pm, in just one hour ????? COOOL. but then it's like SOOOO weird to have a campfire when it's pitch bright up there!! T.T After the short short campfire, ms chew shows us how to distinguish & end the whole campfire program with the " holy " water HAHAHAHA.

so this is how the campfire is set up in a triangle shape in order to let air hole in the bottom. (:

campfire's burningggggg c:

putting out the fire c:

We had chicken rice for dinner last night BUT the rice had no taste at all even though it smell SOOOO good ! The chicken is soo hard to cut apart too :/

After all these programs, it's showering & free time ALLLL the way to lights off time! :D it's like 6.30pm when everyone rushed to the toilet xD The juniors & seniors didnt noe that we are allowed to shower in the ISH boys toilet, so apparently no one went in! But the temporary smarty ass, me & jolene went in to shower! NO SINGLE GUIDES came in at all! And we are able to take a LONGGGGG bath hehheehhee.

We slept in the PE tutorium room & there's aircon woots. We played around with the juniors, played truth or dare, & had SOOOO much fun xD . it's like the FIRST hor, FIRST camp that i've gone sooooo insane!! We took lots & lots of pictures with the juniors & even made a instavideo OMFG ahhahahaa. Apparently jolene, amanda & celeste had took ALOOOOT of my unglam pictures sobs. And here i present ALLLL the pictures we took during last night when the others are already sleeping ahahhaha.


with le' juniorrrrrr, amandaaaaaa :D she's taller than me by 1head you know D':

with le junior celeste ;3


with fatihah (( i hope i can her name right )) ;3

some crazy pictures of me on thursday night ahahhaa

slping time...... SHHHHH

some crazy photos of us on thursday night heh.

oh yeah, we also uploaded a crazy video of us on my private instagram account, @bryanahuang. you can try sending a follow request & watch it if i accept the request! it's funnyyyyyyy.


early morning like 6.30am, we woke up & secretly bought maggi mee from the canteen before breakfast was given woopss. after that we had breads with kaya & butter for breakfast. and we started camwhore again hahah.

we went to pack up our things & went for our blogging session with a ICT teacher where we learn how to set up a blog, which apparantly i long ago have (-: im helping ms chew & my school to join next year girl guides thinking day blogging competition where we have to blog about international friendship & have to maintain that particular blog till 2014 (:

after blogging , we had our lunch before we set off to Sree Narayana Mission Home. (:

while on the way to sree narayana mission home, camwhore time begins again :D

after we reached sree narayana mission home, some of us pushed the folks in wheelchair to a hall where there are some games for them. as more elders prefer a game station where we stack up cups & they were given a small ball & are suppose to throw at the cups. BUSY LIKE FISH MARKETTTT. but those elders enjoy it alot :D

the happy seniors c:

We even met a high-tech uncle who kept using his phone throughout the wholeeeee program, & he had a tablet in his shirt pocket. WA RICH ASSSS. but then my fellow guides told me that during the ball game, that high-tech uncle kept aiming at the BOOBS BOOBS you noe!! :O he even touched my junior's hand which freaked out my junior D':

from this camp, i've learnt alot i guess? happy bonding time with the juniors yay.

lastly i wanna say, i love jolene, amanda & celeste baobei heh. <3

updating soon c:


Friday, 11 October 2013


Hellloooo. Eoy are over over over!


On wed, 2days ago, after school, i went nex with jingjing , gracia & emely & go to karaoke & sing our heads off woohooo!! We met alot of ppl we noe over there like so awkward you know you know. xD we sang for 3Hours & we all felt it's not enoughhh! :( 1person 3hours is $14.. Not bad bah. hehee. Happy gurls are us yay.

we promoting for ktv sia ahahha

2E3 + 2E4 combine yay (:

Yesterday marking day siah!! WOOOOO. I went nex ( AGAIN ) with Jolene , Deslyn , Ang Jia Jun , Jinghng & Eugene & we watched Insidious 2 ohmy. In the movie, we sit according like : jinghng , ajj , jolene , deslyn , me then eugene . So weird that eugene is seperated by the boys . SUPER DUPA WEIRD K. During the whole movie, me & jolene are making too much noise as we are scared okokok! >< i was sooooo frighten that i grabbed Deslyn too hard xD after that we went walkwalk shopshop awhile jiu go home aww. :(

picture credits to eugene LOL

um .. potd? aahhhaa

Today, death date sigh. We got back our results at the first 2hours & im so dissappointed with my results sigh. Can you believe i didnt score any A1 or A2 at all!?! It's all 50plus , 60plus , & have 2 subjects failing like shit :/ at least gimme a A at least mah :/ DID U KNOW, the average for sci paper for express stream is D7!?! And there's only 11people who pass the sci paper in my class!?! omfg. after school, during CCA, we made hangers with wires & guess what's it for? HANGING CHICKEN TO COOK FOR OUR GIRLGUIDE CAMP. Hilarious & we failed aahhhaha.

I FELT SO SHAG TODAYYYYYYY, SHAGGGGGGG BOOHOO. Worst friday ever i guess? :/ i have to work hardhard when im in upper sec, i really have to. :/


tgif & goodnight :)


Sunday, 6 October 2013

bloob bloooooob

ello ello ellooooo . today is sunday sunday you knowwwwww . tomorrow is maths paper sobsobs :<

today me & my family went to compass point's soup restaurant as a farewell lunch for my auntttttt . (: my aunt is going to philipines to work for few weeks oh myyyy. :( and you know what ? Winx club is at compass point muahahaaaa ! xD ex winx club fan you know you know . :3

my fat fat face today cannot maintain , i look fat in all pictures ewwwww . D: maybe becos i slept at 4am last night & woke up at 11am today morning? T.T blaahhhh, sososoooo tiring :/ Im still working on the way i blog cos i find it toooo boring but who cares you know *winkwink*


crowd of kiddos ! winx club fan club yo xD

family photo

mummy & aunt ! :)

aunt & grandmahhhh. :)

me & aunt ! :)

erhemmmm .. after my aunt went to daiso for some last minute shopping & my maid & grandma went home first , mummy & i went camworing ! xD

I lub my family ♡♡