Saturday, 27 September 2014

Dazzlin Stars

hi readers, im back with a advert for dazzlinstars!! thanks for sponsoring me with this light pink envelope wallet :) im actually not a fan of pink, but this shade of pink is really pretty, which is why i choosed this colour among the others.

i personally used to own a dark blue envelope wallet as well, & i love it alot. but however, it's spoiled now so it's such a pity. but it's okay, this wallet can take over that haha.
dazzlinstars is a instashop that sells both instocks & preorder, & it's better to buy from a direct supplier isnt? dazzlinstars is a reliable direct supplier that is trustworthy & very friendly! she once used to be my supplier when i owned a instashop in the past ( around 1-2 years ago hahaha )

she is selling envelope wallets at $5 each, & $3.50/5caps which means it's $3 each when you buy 5 envelope wallets from her :) dazzlinstars is selling instocks envelope wallets so there's no need for any waiting time needed! you can also choose to top up only $3 for a free envelope wallet when you purchase any items from her shop!

besides, she also sells selfie rod, tumblr bagpacks, LED shoes, & many very pretty stuffs like ombre items!! her preorder ends every 15th & 30th of the month, with only 2-3 weeks of waiting time :)

 dazzlinstars also have another instashop @craycrayyshorts where they customize shorts of pretty designs :)

hurry grab your own envelope wallets for yourselves or your girlfriend! :) the stocks for popular colours are running low already so hurry grab envelope wallets for yourselves or your girlfriend from dazzlinstars today :))

do follow her on instagram @dazzlinstars & contact her @ 86886017 to order ~

Thanks for reading!!
Bryana Huang

Friday, 19 September 2014

Bambi Eye Lust

hi readers, i've been so lazy to blog about anything & especially about the one week holiday. but overall, it's been quite a great september so far, especially with my boyfriend, Genn.

anyway, im back with a contact lens advertorial post!!
im sponsored by bambieyelust with luxury 26 purple lens. i never get a chance to try this design even though i've been wearing lens everyday since last year december as im afraid it will turn out not as nice as i expected. however, im wrong, luxury 26 is beautiful.

ecstasylust is selling both preorder & instock lens. she sells pretty/prettydoll, dream colour/lollipop, kitty kawaii, luxury & super babie lens. A pair of luxury lens is $8 ( it used to be $10 ) & a pair of super barbie lens is $10 ( it used to be $12 ) lens will arrive 3-5 days after preorder closed. their next preorder will be closing on 26 september 2359 & will arrive on first week of october!! before you order, do remember to check the stocklist to check whether the lens you want is available or not, if not it will be switched to other designs automatic & it happened to me before & it's super annoying.

------------------ ^^

so sorry if i look different in the pictures? im currently still ill with mild fever, flu, cough, sore throat & swollen eyes, & im glad that im way better as compared to yesterday after eating medicines given by my doctor. :)

anyway, quote ''bryanahuangx'' for $1 off total bill

check out their contact lens designs at
carousell; ecstasylust
you can order through their order form on their website, or contact them at
whatsapp/message; +6594893749

thanks for reading,
Bryana Huang