Friday, 12 December 2014


hey guys!

im finally back with another advert, after dragging it for more than a month, literally since 1st november.

okay anyway, ohayotrendy is one of the friendliest & is a super duper patient sponsor i've ever come across with.

she had kindly sponsored me with 4 apparels & a bag.

welcome to my photo gallery, here we go ^^

black floral top

Firstly, i've been sponsored by ohayotrendy with this stylenanda inspired black floral top. I expected this shirt to be thick, & not suitable for singapore's weather. but when i wore it out that day, despite that my shirt is black & the weather is super humid, i still felt really comfortable in this top.

Besides, you can style it differently to have different looks. you can simply pair it up with a high waist shorts to look casual, & you can also simply pair it up with a pair of skorts to have a girly look.

For me, i pair it up with a high waist shorts & zara inspired sandals as i prefer to look casual on that day.

Black Floral Top: $10 mailed
Shots taken by: Gracia
Venue; Vivo City Rooftop
Chunky Necklace: Forever 21
Black Floral Top: Ohayotrendy
Denim High Waist Shorts: Bugis Street Level 2
Zara Inspired Sandals: Blogshop

Shopkinned Leatherette Shopper Tote

Next, featuring the bestselling leather tote bag.

I personally dislikes handcarry bags as it's really annoying to carry it around & it felt like a burden on your shoulder, & the main reason why i hate handcarry bags, is that all my handcarry bags that i used to have are kiddy ones with patterns that i used to carry them to tuition etc.

To be honest, this tote bag is currently one of my favourite bag. it is very spacious & you can easily just place in all your necessaries into the bag & you're ready to go!

This tote bag is waterproof, like literally haha. i was walking under a heavy rain one day & i just simply used a tissue to clean my bag, & it's dried already.

it's convenient, light weight & comfy.

Shopskinned Leatherette Shopper Tote: $12 mailed
Shots taken by: My mum & grandmother
Venue: Ang Mo Kio
Chunky Necklace: Forever 21
White Side Cut-Out Spag Top: Ohayotrendy
Stylenanda Inspired Leather Shorts: Carousell
Zara Inspired Sandals: Blogshop
Shopskinned Leatherette Shopper Tote: Ohayotrendy

White Side Cut-Out Spag Top

This is another apparel that is stylenanda inspired & i love the cutting alot.

To some of you, you all may know some blogshops who are also selling the same exact top, at a higher price, but are more popular, like having more followers on instagram etc. But some, i don't mean all, their material is different. some are cotton & are not durable. & it's definitely, not Ohayotrendy.

This bralet/spag top may not have a padding, but it have a double layer at the chest area.

It have a adjustable strap on & a hidden zip at the side.

White Side Cut-Out Spag Top: $10 mailed
Shots taken by: My grandmother
Venue: Woodlands
Chunky Necklace: Forever 21
White Side Cut-Out Spag Top: Ohayotrendy
Denim Overlap Skorts: Bugis Street Level 3
Jeffery Campbell Inspired Litas Heels: Carousell

Dino Top

I love the prints of this shirt alot, as its dino!!! apparently this is my first green shirt except for school related shirts & im really happy with it!

Wore out when i go study date with Jasmine before work @ the newly opened Seletar Mall.

The material of this shirt is not too thick yet not too thin, & it's super casual yet soooooooo cute.

Dino Top: $9 mailed
Shots taken by: Jasmine
Venue: Seletar Mall & Nex H&M
Dino Top: Ohayotrendy
Stylenanda Inspired Leather Shorts: Carousell
White Shoes: Bata
Dark Blue Haversack: Eastpak

cross-back purple flutter top

Lastly, with this purple flutter top.

It's an essential to have in every girls' closet.

It's really comfy & is made from thin material, & is a must to have especially in a humid country like Singapore.

Besides, the back is a cross back design which adds up the look of this plain flutter top. 

Basic Cross-Back Flutter Top: $10 mailed
Shots taken by: My grandmother
Venue: My house stairs
Basic Cross-Back Flutter Top: Ohayotrendy
Acid Washed High Waist Shorts: Bangkok
Accessories: H&M

Here comes to the end of this advert. & here's to some of my essay writing here again haha.

Im really thankful to this sponsor, not only because she's the first sponsor who sponsored me so many apparels, but it's also because of her attitude, the way she treat me, that she's really understanding & patient.

Few weeks ago, during the lowest point of my life, when there's so many of you all texting me & comforting me, she did as well. not only just a simple ''cheer up babe'', but she wrote a really long message to me. a long message filled with encouraging quotes, asking me to move on.

''always remember, life is not all about love between you & the other half, whats more important are the love among you & family, friends & everyone else around you.'' 

i've only lost someone who used to be really important to me for that short period of time. why am i losing myself as well when i lost him? whats the point of me begging him to be back when you know clearly that he won't & that all the tears shed are not worth it. without his love, there's still the love of my family, my friends, my online friends, & many people out there, who will love me more than how much he did.

life goes on.

God bless.
Bryana Huang