Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Most people thinks that i'm always happy and free from any problems. But i'm sorry i hate to admit, i not that good.

One of my friend said that i always receive attention even when i don't speak or whatsoever. & was told that i always get praise by people when i did something right but didn't got scolded by anyone when i did something wrong. NO??????? i just got scolded by my cca teacher on last friday 28th march just because of a selfie that i posted on instagram thats a little too revealing i guess? ( but i didn't even expose any clev or what fyi ) so to that friend of mine, that's not being scolded la??

To my friends, they say that im popular on instagram that's why everyone is being bias to me & i have lots of friends & that i don't want to offend anyone as i don't want to ruin my reputation???? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS.

Actually in my new class, till now i haven't talk to all of my new classmates yet. In class i only talk to less than 10 people frequently. Forget to mention that, i don't have a habit of smiling & saying hi to people when i see them outside. It's not that i haolian or what, it's just that it's my personality. I'm like this to everyone. Thus, i have very little friends.

Recently, i've kept being left out by my friends. Both of them would always walk at the front, while i walk behind alone. Or when we are walking in a line, i will be also left out by them walking away from me.

There's one day in March where we are comparing our marks, & when they found out that i got the highest marks for Chemistry quiz among us, they are like '' wtf why must you get the highest marks . '' & whatsoever shit. I got the lowest marks for Emaths & Dnt among us, & i didn't even said anything.

It really sucks to be in a group of friends of 3 people. It's like when two of them are talking, one person will confirm get left out.

Is there a problem of me being enthusiastic in cca? So i can't work hard in cca in order to get that 2 points deducted during o level because i can't get good results? So i can't work hard & try my best to improve for all my subjects? So you can have other friends while i cant? So if i have other friends that means im trying not to offend anyone? So is it my fault that your crush likes me?

So what the fuck are friends. Can you define friends to me??

It's my blog. You can blog about what's going on, i can too.
And i'm not here to impress anyone.

“Tomorrow, you promise yourself, things will be different, yet, tomorrow is too often a repetition of today. And you disappoint yourself again and again.” 
― James T. McCay

Bryana Huang