Friday, 9 October 2015


Time flies & it's been 4 years since i first step into north vista. 9th october marks the last school day before i officially graduated.

It's quite sad that i have to be apart from my friends, & that also means, we are all going to leave this school, step into the society, into different schools, meet more people in life & eventually, we'll tend to forget one another.

even though i'm not really close to everyone in class, here's my class for the past 2 years, 3E3'2014 x 4E3'2015

& more pictures

1E4'2012 x 2E4'2013

After that, we head to canteen as ms yeo ordered pizza for us!!!!!!!!!!
thank god for pizza, but i didn't get to enjoy it bcoz #bracesproblems

north vista, my second home for the past 4 years. a place filled with laughter & cries. a place where i made friends & at the same time, lost friends.

a place where i grow in.

i may have regrets entering north vista at the first place, as i selected this school without knowing how it look like or neither do i have any informations about the it.

afterall, im thankful to be in north vista.

till next time x

Bryana Huang