Monday, 13 April 2015


Greetings loved ones!!!!
It's been a few months since i last done a advertorial & now i'm finally back with one.
Im really glad, & honoured to collaborate with Stylehere.
StyleHere is a blogshop that sells clothes dedicated to empowering young women to feel stylish, confident & oh-so-sassy!
They had kindly sponsored me with two items!!!!

okay read on!! ^-^

firstly, they had sponsored me this casual plain leather bag.
I have chosen this item as i really have classic colours & items. I'm MADLY IN LOVE with this bag, it's lightweight, easy to match with different outfits, & besides, it won't hurt my shoulder when i carry it for one whole day. 

credits to my lovely primary 3 cousin hehe


besides the leather bag that i chosen for the sponsorship, the owner is really nice to sponsor me with a glitter waterfall casing after hearing that i am a iphone 6 user.

this casing is the latest trend nowadays & i'm really happy that i finally owned one myself as i really loved playing with my friends.

the thing i love about this casing is that it have lots of glitter, &&& i LOVE glittering stuffs so badly ((very little people know about this)) it's just soooooooo pretty!!! besides, i always have the tendency to drop my phone ((sorry phone ily)) this casing is quite thick to protect my phone too.

the owners are very friendly & they even bring in all the items as instocks so that the customers don't have to order through preorders!

they ensure that the customers are satisfied with their items & to add on, all items are below $20!!!

Carousell; Stylehere
Instagram; Stylehere_official
Facebook Page; StyleHere

quote #SHBRYANA10 for 10% discount!! :)

Short update; im sincerely sorry for the lack of replies. I've been going through a lot of personal problems recently, including having 5 tuitions a week, waking up before 8am with less than 7 hours of sleep, reaching home at evening time every single day, & some other personal problems which some of you are aware of it & im really thankful to those who encouraged me from instagram, dm, facebook, twitter & dayre. every single one out there, thanks for making my day. love y'all & enjoy your week ahead ;)

Signing Off,
Bryana Huang