Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Finally manage to take off to meet my poly friends, aka bunch of ballsacks.

i have no idea why and how did our clique name became 'bunch of ballsacks' but yeah it just happened.

Decided we should go USS since it's on our bucket list since June.... yup.

Suppose to meet them 10am @ vivo. My alarm was at 8am, but i snooze it & only woke up @ 9.20am (yup fml) & few of them are already on their way.

Thank God they stay at East area because i have more time to dress up & prepare myself.

But we ended up meeting only around 11am :')

I'm so excited because it's my first time having a season pass!!!!!!!

i got my favourite colour!!!!!! thank you balloon man x

please don't judge me i was just primary 5 in that picture :')

but yay merry-go-round!!!! it's been 6 years since i last took this omg dem feels :')

next stop: minion store!!!!!

&&& we got to see minions!!!!!

i only wanted to take photo with Stuart but then Tim joined the picture so... yup you can see how awkward i was :')

we conquered both cylon & human ride!!!!!!

it's crazy as hell because i'm afraid of heights but i lovvve rollercoasters!

but oh wellz i almost puked after both rides fml

yay lunch time!!!!!
thank God that it only started raining when we reach the eatery place :')

the mixed ice cream is rly good!!!!! even though it cost $3.50 :')

it's so cute omg i would love to bring you home but i have too many soft toys at home :'(

Grace left early so :')

Took the monorail back to Vivo & decided to walk around since we're still pretty full from our lunch.

Time for H&M!!!!!

since Kass & Jovious was in the fitting room, we decided to sit around & try out shoes!!!!

The boots I'm wearing is so pretty :-(

Contemplating af because it's $79.90 HAHA fml.

Me: 'Eh Kass Kass, who is taller? me or you?''
Kass: *resting bitch face* of course me lah.
Me: 'Eh i don't believe i don't believe, lai lai we take picture.'

Yup that totally explains her facial expression in that picture.....

afterwards, we decided to go back instead as it's been a really long day.

It's a really great day & it's nice catching up with them ever since holiday started.

Can't wait to catch up with y'all soon :')

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