Sunday, 23 February 2014

Girls Next Doll

Hello loves, my brain's not working this few days, thus a late blogpost about GirlsNextDoll. :) this simple & cute top is sponsored by one of my all time favourite blogshop, GirlsNextDoll. the weather is so freaking humid recently & the material of the top is sooooo freaking cooling :)

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Thinking Day 2014

Hi guys ! 

Apparently we had our advance thinking day celebration in school on 21st feb . Wore full uniform & reported at 6.15am. You saw it??? 6.15am!!! it's so freaking early & i had to wake up at 5am :( my heart nearly stop as im the one raising the school flag *gasps* x_x

On saturday 22nd feb, we reported in school at 7.10am. Look what i saw in school that day!!! *laugh cry emoji*

that uncle look like he's farting in this picture xD my camera skills hor, mai siaosiao * just joking *

Arrived at yishun sec where all the north division schools gathered together & celebrate thinking day together . After singing some thinking day songs, some of the guides went to events like telematch, hokkien karaoke, poster drawing, design badge etc. and im in charge of the international booth! :)

our school is in charge of " St Vincent & Grenadines " never heard of that name? it's okay you are not alone hahah . during the international booth, groups by groups of guides & brownies visited our booth & they have to do four things in order to get three signatures from our booth. ( flag colouring, tasting of coconut candy, quiz & hoop rolling. felt like a superstar for once as i signed lots & tons for lots of guides & brownies on their paper hahahahaha . LOOK AT THE CROWD!!!

Packed with lots of girls like fish market LOL. Took a short break by giving an excuse of visiting to the washroom, where i actually went up to the backetball court with Evelyn & watch the telematch. it seems so fun!! look at syaz & idk who camworing woops xD ( credits : NV GG whatsapp group )

Not to miss out, pictures with Potato Evelyn, Liu Hui & Shanshan :))) really glad to see them there!!

While waiting for the prize giving..... MORE PICTURES!!!! 

Went up the stage to help my school collect a cetificate of participation & i felt soooooooo weird. Im literally shaking on the stage!!! 

As you can see based on the picture below, our school won first in place for telematch & gold award for year of assesment this year!!! * shake butt *

lastly , group photo of my lovely fellow guides :))

After thinking day, went to hougang mall for a haircut & look at my fringe!!! Short side staircase = bangs :D

that all for this post!!! have you shopped with my sponsors yet??? Stay tune for more articles coming up sooon!!! :)

B R Y A N A 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

most of my friends said that i've changed. that im no longer that cheerful & i cant take some jokes now & i started behaving weirdly. why is that so? it's because i've changed because of some people.

from the day i fell in love with him, i really really thinks that he's the one. i sacrificed alot, & what i get in the end, is a goodbye, im leaving you.

i was very upset, i really dont know what should i do. what am i without him..? i cried for days, months, did anything change? no it didnt. if he in need of me, he would text me. if not, not a single hello text from him.

despite knowing he's the one who ruined my life mentally, i really love him.

there's somethings that happened when im with him, & i only told a few people whom i really trust about it. but apparently someone spreaded it & now many people in my school know about it. some of them find it interesting so they started spreading it. to those people who spreaded it, let me ask you, what's so interesting about that? what's so funny about that? put yourself in my shoes, try to experience how it felt like being judged by people, being laughed by people, being hated by people.

it's hard to know who's a true friend & who's a fake friend. very very hard to know..

to those people who spreaded it or know about it, i really appriecate if you stop spreading it.. i dont wanna touch my penknife anymore..

" say something - A Great Big World "

Saturday, 15 February 2014

saturdate ♡

hi guys! hope those who are attached , hope you had fun with your loved ones ytd :) to those who are single this year, dont worry you are not alone, im single too! HAHA lol dont forget you have your friends & family with ya! ;D

Me and my mum took bus 72 abt 5pm to Yio Chu Kang MRT and board the Red Line to Dhoby Ghaut. Head to Itacho Sushi for dinner as im craving for Salmon hehe. So apparently my mum ordered various type of sushi for me to try. :)


Are you feeling hungry after seeing all these delicious food ?! hahaha dont be, just go & try it too! ^^

(( quality of iphone 4S front camera sucks ))

after dine, we walked to The Cathey & went to the shop " Space Invasion " to collect a grab bag that i've won from them :)

share what my mum got for me, a daily sunscreen gel from Belief. Loving the texture, it's not oily at all!

sorry for those shadows featured in the picture too! :(

have a lovely weekend ahead everyone, hoolah 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


ALOHA!!!!! 1.5hours of chinese, 2hours of english, 1hour of physics & 1hour of chemistry today is WAY TOO MUCH TO TAKE IT. thats why i hate tuesday lessons so so much T_T i hate the fact that i have amaths tuition tonight too!!!

VALENTINE'S DAY IS THIS FRIDAY!! have you prepared what you gonna wear for valentine's day? if you have no ideas of what you are gonna wear on that day, dont worry!!! you can get affordable instocks at Eestefe :)

The first item Eestefe sponsored me is this studded chain sling bag! The moment i see the bag in real life, i fell in love with the colour & the design. It's easy to match with different apparels & it's lightweight too!

the second item that eestefe sponsored me is this studded top. the material is very comfortable & i especially love the patterns at the bottom of the top! you can easily match this top with a shorts & you are ready to go!

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enjoy your weekdays ahead, especially on 14th feb :)

Friday, 7 February 2014


hi lovely people, it's finally FRIDAY!!!!! How had your weekdays been for you all? Mine had been so bad that i nearly gave up on myself sighhh. Homeworks, assignments, quiz, tests, exams, WHAT IS THIS?!


back with a advertorial post today :) im quite excited when the pretty owner of this blogshop, Jasmine, approached me!!! So i choosed my favourite colours, dark pink & sky blue for the ribbon, a dark blue glitter bauble charm & diamante drops that's included in the customised braided bracelet.

it fits me perfectly & the colours are sooo pretty!! it's handmade with love for sure :))

OH YES. dont you think that these bracelets are very unique & special, which you can customise & request those charms, are a perfect gift for your loved ones for the upcoming VALENTINE'S DAY??? it's only $3.50 each & it's non-adjustable!! :)

-> choose a different coloured ribbon ( yellow, green, lime, gold glitter, dark pink, sky blue, purple )
-> choose a different coloured bauble charm ( dark blue glossy, dark blue matte, dark blue glitter )

whatsapp her at 91354045 to order!!!

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besides selling braided bracelets, she sells instocks apparelsas well ! it's a must to check her blogshop out :)

YAWNNNN. Im so tired lol hahaha. will update about cca & school & adv real soon!!

Bryana Huang