Monday, 18 July 2016

belle's house warming

Extremely overdue post as i didn't have the time to upload the pictures back then.

Belle invited me over for her house warming on 18 June. 

Finally get to see my girls after months!

It's been more than 6 months since i saw Belle & Amanda @ NV CCA Carnival in January.

so yay hi friends i missed you!!!!!!!!!

Belle's father fetch Amanda & I from Hougang mall & off we go to run some errands before heading to their new place!

Just chilling since the rest are not there yet ~

last picture before Amanda left for fathers' day dinner :-(

it was super awkward for me after Amanda left as i wasn't close to any of them &&&& i was the only 17 years old there (they were 16)

Despite feeling awkward, i managed to talk to a few of them since i knew them through UG trip to Cambodia last November.

It was suppose to be a surprise but we kind of failed but oh wellz

Happy NC16 Julius ((very very belated one))

Mini cake smash ((kinda)) so we decided to take pics together with our newly oily-af foundation woohoo :')

Thank you so much for the amazing night friends.
All the best for your o's & n's, see y'all soon x

Bryana Huang

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Hi friends!
Back with another advert, & a little update about how I've spent my OCL week :-)

ShopSurprised have kindly sponsored me with a mustard coloured basic knitted bralet.

The material is extremely comfy, extremely love it!!!

Read till the end for the promo code! :)

So thankful that it's OCL week!

Even though there's still assignments to do, i'm glad that i don't have have to wake up early for school.

Time for me to catch up on my sleep yay haha.

Woke up on Wednesday and felt extremely uncomfortable.

End up? I actually had fever, cough, throat inflammation and running nose.

I slept my entire afternoon away. Despite being sick, I dislike staying at home.

Therefore, I went Nex for dinner with my mum.

We reached Nex around 8pm. As it's still dinner time, everywhere is just so crowded.

Went to fish n co as there's no queue at all.

Thank God for that!

After dinner, we went toast box for drinks

Apparently, i found out that my eyelids was swollen after we took this picture.
I was actually allergic to a type of medicine called diclofenac but we didn't know until that day.

Thank you SS for the lovely piece!

Preorder will close every wed & sun 9pm and waiting time will be 11-13 days.

Quote 'BryxSS' for 5% off all purchases.

Promo code will only be valid for a week x

Signing Off,
Bryana Huang

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

@essentiallyours x @roamvisual

@essentiallyours is a newly opened carousell shop selling essential necessities.

I have chosen the pizza messenger bag as the print is just so adorable!!!

pizza i$ lyfe!!!!!!!!!

quote 'bryana' for 5% off total purchases.

promo code valid till end August!


preorder will close on 24th july! x


Since last week was OCL week, which means i don't have to go back to school for lessons, i went for a shoot with @roamvisual @ mbs!

Here's some pictures from that day

Bryana Huang

Thursday, 7 July 2016

it's scary how
he made promises about staying by your side,
but he is no longer in your life.

it's scary how
he meant everything to you,
but you meant nothing to him

it's scary how
he said i love you,
but he never meant it.

it's scary how
he treated everything like a joke,
including you.


Friday, 1 July 2016


Hi friends!
I'm back with a new blog post, & this article will be about Klarity.

Klarity is the 1st halal certified skincare brand in Singapore, and they have kindly sponsored me two of their products, OXYMIUD and Diamond Glow.

OXYMUD is the 1st ever chocolate mud oxygenated mask. It counter against troubled skin and it helps to enhance on your skin renewal process.

After using OXYMUD for a week, i felt that my face is less oily as compared to the past! Highly recommend you to try this product :-)
Diamond glow is a overnight masque that is paraben free. It helps in restoring your skin to the best condition, and helps to hydrate the skin as well. Recommend this product as an alternative for your 8 hours of beauty sleep, especially those who are extremely busy at night, rushing homeworks and assignments.

Quote <bryanaxklarity> to attend their workshop at a promotional price of only $10 (the usual price is $30) In that workshop, they will teach you ways on how to care for your skin with klarity's products. Besides, you will receive a goodie bag worth $69 as well as some vouchers. Light refreshments will be provided and there are prizes to be won.

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Bryana Huang