Sunday, 1 September 2013

Happy weekend (:

Hello there ! Long time no blog .. Anyone miss me ? HAHA LOL.

Yesterday i went for my second session of gym with Jolene & Deslyn. Begore we start our gym, we went to the Mcdonalds outside the gym to have our breakfast first. It was SOOO packed inside & SOO long queue. We get into the queue by Deslyn, Jolene, followed by me. After they two had ordered, the counter guy keep walking around & not taking my orders! I was SOOOO pissed off like seriously ._. After like 15min of waiting, i finally gotten my breakfast ( hotcakes w sausage ) & started eating when Deslyn & Jolene already finishing their breakfast.

After eating, we go to the gym & GUESS WHO I SAW. Belinda & Zheng Ge Ping in the gym - OMGGGGG - it's like so cool ! Belinda is sooooo slim & pretty while Zheng Ge Ping is soooo fit * macho * we went to our usual exercises while waiting for Gamei to come. (: after working out for like 2hours, we went to the toilet & zipai HAHAHA. Here are our crazy pictures of yesterday! :D ENJOYYY~
Group photos yo. :D

Acting silly ~

bryana x gamei x deslyn

HEYYYY~ not finish yet hor!
Today is the 1st of September, please be good to me >< it's like 22more days to me & his 1st year, 29more days to exams omg :( anyway , here are some of my crazy pictures at home cos today is stay home sunday ! ><

MUAHAHAHA, thats the end of my longlonglong bloggggg!

Blog soon x