Monday, 29 July 2013

14th Birthday

Hellooooo (: it's my 14th birthday todayyyy yayyy!! Happy birthday to myself heheh!! :D Received lots of wishes from my friends & family ^^ My day was just toooo awesomeeee!! After school i went shopping with Rachel & Deslyn!! (: I treat them Starbucks so yeahh (: I bought alot of clothes todayyyy! I wore Pervert 17 shirt today & i realised i can wear it on National Day celebration muahahaha XD cant waitttt! :D Received presents frm Jingjing, Rachel, Daddy, JingKai, Shaoyang todayyyy (: I love the pencil case from Jingjing, Piggybank from Rachel, Portable charger & ice cream cake from Daddy, DC snapback from Jingkai & a stitch from Shaoyangggg! omggggg!! XD I bought a new pony today yayyyy, now i got two :D I wished my birthday was way better than this, but it's false hopes sigh. HAHA. Bye for now !! (: late happy birthday to myself (:

didn't expected him to text me :')
all time fav pri sch bestie

with deslyn & rachel
fav fav fav

mum took my pressi :(
thanks jingkai
thanks shaoyang thanks thanks thankssss


with mummy

Happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you , happy birthday to Bryana ( myself ) , happy birthday to you ~ <3

Cya next year on 29th july , i will miss you, birthday (':

Sunday, 28 July 2013

14th Birthday

Hello peeps. (: less than 30min to my 14th birthday (': i cant waitttt. Spam me with all those birthday wishes on twitter & instagram, i love birthday wishes. (: how i wish tmr in sch my friends got celebrate my birthday for me , it will be sooo sweet. (': Today celebrated my bday with my family , a jap lunch. (: after that me & my mommie went nex for shopping & i bought a 79 shirt :D I bought a portable charger for him as i know he need it alotalotalot. See i so caring? Hahaha. I wanted to spend my bday with him but he is too busy. :( he is not replying my msg too sigh. How i wish he can send me a longlong message but he wont ._. Anyways , im excited for tmr :D im tired now so goodbyeee!(:

Happy advance birthday to myselfff! Goodnightttt! (:

Saturday, 27 July 2013

NE Show 3

Helloooooo! :D it's NE 3 today , the last NE show yay ! It's was raining since morning & i was late for reporting ._. after that during the afternoon, when it's drizzing, we have to go for afternoon run. We are asked to wear the poncho over our guides uniform :O i look hilarious & like a penguin with it xD luckily we took it out after awhile as the rain not that heavy. (: Drizzling through afternoon run, the floor is wet, our uniform are wet. During marching, Juliet, who is standing behind me, lift her legs higher than 90degree & it hit until my butt HAHA ( pervert :b ) Our dinner for today is also kfc sigh :( But it's Zinger! :D During the night run , those unsual screamings from those P5s are common alr . HAHA. Finally gotten our guides tee & it's sooooo nice! :D Anyways, some crazy pictures of us today HAHA. Byebyeeee. (:
with juliet (starstar) :DDD
With Shi Yun, Liu Hui & ummm idk hahaha

with lovely just a star :)

Time passes so fast, preview is next week omg! Cant wait!>< byeeee :)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Happy Tuesday (-:

Sup guys! Spent my tuesday afternoon with Rachel ! (-: Waited for her till 2pm cos she got F1 talk & im alone outside Lecture Theatre wait for her :< After that we plan to go to Kovan for lunch, but nth to eat so we change of plan when we on 119 & got down at Punggol Park & change to 87 to Hougang Mall (-: Same as yesterday we both ate Chicken Pepper Rice ✌ After that we went to shopshop & went to library & take pic hahaha xD This is one of the pictures we took hahaha (: Bye for now! (-:

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Such a busy day :(

After 12hours of ndp training for NE Show 2 , it's finally the end of today. (: So many things happened today.. Had a small talk with Tracey & found that she & her bf stead tgt one day after me & him ( wowwww ) Which means they today 300days tgt yay congrats 👍 The afternoon run is soooo tiring & the sun is unbearable. 😭 My eyes cant even open 😅 The night run is boring as i already get used to the crowd of 27 thousand people watching at us wow 👏 Those P5s just cant stop screaming during the bombers HAHA. They wont shoot them but i will if i can 😂🔫🔫🔫 I want to see the fireworks but we left already 🎆 Left with NE Show 3 , preview & then actual day yayyy 😍 excited !! 😬 Here presenting my dinner weeee , hungry me 😝

Ndp NE Show 2 (:

Heyhey greetings!

It's a lovely saturday & im on my way to headquarters already ! (: It's NE Show 2 today yayyyy! Left with NE show 2 , NE show 3 , preview & after that actual dayyyy! Hoorayyy! Im just too excited for it HAHA. Little star said that she would bring her camera for me ( shooting star ) , starstar ( juliet ) & justastar ( jia hui ) to play teehee ! I cant waittt ! But im tired with my lens on , till at night 10 plus reach home then can take out .. :'( i felt so proud to be in the contigent of ndp'13 (: I felt so happy to be one of the 3 person to represent our school NORTH VISTA <3 for ndp , along with Amir & Zhen Fu (: i felt so happy to be the only girl in the whole school to represent our school for uniform groups (: i felt so happy to be the only one in the whole girlguides of my school to represent Singapore's birthday NDP :D

Shall end it here HAH . Byeeee (;