Wednesday, 24 February 2016

say bye to monday blues

started my 2nd week of work yesterday, did you feel the monday blues guyz?!?!?

oh well, thank God i'm working 8am till 12nn today & i could meet my boyfriend afterwards.

off we go to vivo!!!!

had our lunch @ Paik's Bibim.

ordered the seafood & teriyaki chicken flavored bibimbap.

it's affordable & very delicious too! something you wouldn't want to miss!

after lunch, we got 'berry berry bang' from boost & off we go to sea aquarium!!

tbh, it's so much bigger as compared to what i've expected 

what a amazing masterpiece standing right infront of me..... referring to the fishes HAHA jk my boy over anything else.

since it was the last day of lunar new year, a staff was going around & giving out angbaos to everyone.

'eh they got so good return $28 to us anot'
'isit voucher'
'eh feel like money sia'

to our disappointment....

it's just 2 chocolate coins inside hahahaha geez.

had a great time sitting down & observing the fishes swimming past...
& noticing & judging ugly fishes too!

the lighting is so bad :-( 

as one of the staff approached us & gave us 2 more angbaos, we decided to take the chance & ask her to take a picture of the both of us.

'oppa oppa wait for me'
''oppa saranghaeeeeeeee'

not tryna seek any attention but we're actually having fun.
ok chasing after him is so uncool.
30cm height difference
1 step of mine = 5 steps of his

finally caught up with him & i insisted on taking more pictures.

decided to take crazy shots on the bus while he's asleep because im bored & yup.

more pictures = more memories


'a relationship don't come easy. it takes patience, faith, perseverance, love, & time to build it.'

so many things have happened in the past, thanks for being in parts & pieces of my life since 2012. 

glad to have you back in my life, please stay.

Bryana Huang

Monday, 22 February 2016

cny 2k16

DAY 0 x 7 FEB

had reunion dinner @ home before heading out to chinatown for countdown & last minute cny shopping!

(don't mind my face pls i just woke up)

cabbed down to chinatown with the fam, so glad that we caught the fireworks!

DAY 1 x 8 FEB

as there's no visitings to do today, my aunt have to work while the 3 of us have no plans at all. woke up at 3pm ((lol fml)) as i had really bad cramps ((wow what a time)) & only head out for movie around evening.

grandma's 1st movie after 30 over years hehe

watched 'long long time ago' and it's really a great movie for the previous generation. my mum and grandma even got emotional during the movie!

chinese new year isn't about collecting angbao, it's about spending quality time with your loved ones.

DAY 2 x 9 FEB

on our way to hougang 1, since we don't have any visitings to do again.

((and yes i know i overdressed but i just wanna take picture of my cny outfit ok guys don't judge me))

thai express for late breakfast / early lunch!

we have guests today!!

mummy's friend, eunice brought her family over to our house and we had a simple dinner together.

DAY 4 x 11 FEB

off to uss with to celebrate peiyu's belated birthday.

it's my 3rd time coming to uss & so glad to be here with da clique!

my first time taking the cylon roller coaster.
 it's felt crazy but damn, i have great company.

'bryana bryana'
i can't believe the three of them still have the mood to create a song with my name & sang throughout the ride.

while on the other hand,
im there shouting 'mummy'

time for seoul garden!!!!!!!!

DAY 6 x 13 FEB

was invited by jasmine to her house today, been so long since i met her.

thanks for the homecooked food, love it!

along with 5 other friends, we all gathered at her house and played poker / monopoly / snake n ladder / uno etc.

pretty awkward to be the only one that's not from her class, but i'm glad that they didn't left me out despite not talking much for the past 4 years in secondary school.

after everyone else left, we head to the multi-story carpark opposite her house for photoshoot.

thankful because she's one of the few friends i have that love photography & modelling.

& here's some pictures from the shoot

DAY 7 x 14 FEB

It's valentines' day! babe is busy with lion dance today so he couldn't spare time to look for me but it's fine. i know he tried his best to sort out his time properly.

finally going for visiting at my cousin's place!
well, even though it's just a 3mins walk from our house, i'm still excited to head over.

it's been so long since i last visited them. she's 10 now gosh time flies..

suppose to go out with babe in the evening but since he couldn't make it, time to head to hougang 1 with mama tan & ahma lee!!

matching slippers with mama

DAY 8 x 15 FEB

marks my first day of work as a kindergarten teacher. having to wake up at 5am is a extreme struggle for me as i pretty much screwed my body clock for getting used to sleeping late / early in the morning.

met qianling in the evening for gym session.

if you're my friend, you'll definately know that i'm never early. ok well, not everytime, but most of the time, i'm late.

i thought that i'm extremely late but ended up, i have to wait for her for an hour.....

funny how she tried to hide when she saw me coming towards her.....

so glad to be friends with a happy pill like qianling.
never have i expected that i'll keep in contact with anyone after i leave my tuition centre.
i seldom talk to my tuition mates because it's pretty awkward & i just want to concentrate in class.
exchanged numbers on the last day of exams, & it all started with 2 girls wanting to gym together despite the awkwardness & yeah now we're here.

DAY 9 x 16 FEB

met up with my clique after work @ waterway point.

fish n co for lunch!!!!

afterwards, we went to walk around & head for yummy & affordable bingsu!!!!!!

& we watched the mermaid movie today!

after the movie, we went to walk around the mall, & we went into h&m when i thought of a extremely crazy idea.

wearing monkey designs pullover & sweatpants & to take a group picture together.

i swear the dude that's in charge of h&m fitting room must be judging me so badly because i ran out of my fitting room with this outfit, carrying all my barang barang & ran into jovin's fitting room & yup this happened.


DAY 10 x 17 FEB

short catch up with favourite boy after work x

DAY 12 x 19 FEB

went to bugis to meet gracia bae after work, so glad to see her after so long!!!!

went to bugis street & i intended to buy alot.
but thank God she stopped me in time.
*laugh cry emoji*

had our virgin try but this don't really taste nice in our opinion. :-(

on the way back to hougang!!!!

hang out at hougang mall rooftop & hehe thanks for the shots x

fast forward, pepper lunch for dinner!!!!!!

DAY 13 x 20 FEB

went for a early childhood studies talk @ MOE.
well, pretty interesting as it allows me to have a rough idea on what i'm going to study for the next 3 years.

after the talk, mum & I went to orchard for shopping & last minute gift buys.

off to city square mall to meet mum's friends!

it's a annual meetup kinda thing for their clique but it's been 2-3 years since i last met them.

super cute!!!!!!!!!!!

DAY 15 x 22 FEB

went over to bae's house after work today & head over to vivo.

super duper excited whenever i get to see him!!!!!!!!

had our meals @ paik's bibim
super affordable & highly recommended! 

on our way to sea aquarium!!!!!!

what a view i get to witness.
nope it's not the background.
it's him.

so happy to have him by my side.

went home to this! since it's the last day of the lunar new year.

what a great end to cny 2016.

Bryana Huang