Saturday, 14 November 2015

band aid tatts x twentytwohearts

as a victim of self harming in the past, i'll always resort to 'decorating' my wrists with my penknife whenever i face any emotional problems.

with the help of my friends & family members, i finally found alternative ways to stop myself from selfharming.

i love drawing & even placing temporary tattoos on my wrists.

i would like to thanks twentytwohearts for approaching me about the collaboration, im sure these motivational band aid tattoos will act as a constant reminder to me, reminding myself not to cause any harm to my skin ON PURPOSE


i've choosed the plain designs one as i find it more classic & simple as compared to the coloured ones.

but everyone have different opinions afterall :-)

besides the normal normal types of tattoos, they even sell coloured ones!!!

there are 3 different themes for you to choose from:

🎈Theme 1 - Courage - You can do it ! - Be strong - Be brave - It will pass 

 🎈Theme 2 - I am enough - Be kind - Love yourself - Think positive - I am strong

🎈Theme 3 - Better every day - Hold on - Calm - Courage - Self healing

besides these 3 themes to choose from, you can also choose to customise them!!! :-)

10 for $4.50
 15 for $6.50
 25 for $8.50
 35 for $10.50

lastly, there will be a 10% off when you spend above $4.50
budget shopping, GREAT!!



Hugs & Kisses,
Bryana Huang

Monday, 9 November 2015


what does the title of this blog post means?


 everything has it's expiry date.
food, drinks, vouchers, & also, love.

love do have a expiry date, just like how we humans have a expiry date too, which is when we are going to leave this world.

not all relationships are able to last forever. some may last for a week, a month, a year, or even a few years. it really depends.

you wont be able to predict when is your other half going to leave, or what are some of the problems you will face during the relationship.

a relationship takes 2 hands to clap, & it can never work out when one  put in way more effort than the other one.

to be honest, this is the longest relationship I've been in, & it's one that i will never forget.

we don't go out on dates like every couples do, & we don't spend much time together throughout this 3 years.

we got together on 23 sept 2012 & we spend time folding 1000 stars within 2 months together. even though sometime i can only spend 1-2 hours with him, it can make my day.

things started to get shitty in 2013 & we spend lesser time together, & problems starts coming in.

we eventually broke up on 14 oct 2013.

i was extremely upset over the break up.

crying for hours in the toilet & self harming eventually became a daily routine for me.

it was terrible.

he texted me 2 months later after the break up, & we got back together unofficially, as underground relationship.

we didn't communicate despite seeing each other in school, & we are not allowed to go out together (to refrain others from seeing us tgt)

i left him around june 2014, & we lost contact as i got into a relationship, which didn't lasted.

earlier this year, he contacted me again & i can't help it but to meet up with him.

we started off again.

we dont contact everyday & i kept finding various reasons in order to start a conversation with him.

i expected things to turn out better after o levels, but it didn't.

feelings may have faded, & he's unsure about his feelings towards me.

it hurts.

i keep telling myself "never ever again" but i still find myself in the same situations feeling even worse than i did the first time around.

no matter how many times i promised myself not to return back to him, i cant.

i cant help it.

i loved him.

No matter how hard i tried in order to salvage this relationship, time proved everything.

Everything is suppose to end 2 years back, & it is not suppose to be continued.

you get my hopes high, & then you leave me hanging, thinking ''was i not good enough?''

i'm sorry for not being what you wanted.

whats your ideal type of girl?
what am i lacking?

tell me, will you?

im thankful that even after we broke up constantly, you didn't move on finding for someone new, & you stayed throughout.

but why are you not putting in the effort to show it?

what am i to you?

the person you love?

or i'm just a spare tyre that is always there for you when you needed someone?

there's so many things i wanted to ask you & so many things to tell you.

''I know that one day i will be able to forget about how you said my name & what it felt like to hold your hand, but right now it just hurts so bad & i would do anything to hear you say my name for one last time''

well, i'm not sure if i should hold on, or let go.
isn't stupid to hold onto something that keeps hurting you?
but isn't stupid to let go of something you have ever wanted?

i don't need you to send me gifts every single time.
i don't need you to spend money on me whenever i need you.
all i wanted is you to stay.
all i want is to feel loved by you.
is it really very hard?
am i too demanding?

I'm sorry I'll change.

how i wish you know how i felt.

how insecure i am, how much assurance i need, & how much i loved you.

all i want is to see you being happy.
even though i may not be part of it.
will you be happier without me?

I'm sorry i cant.

If it's meant to be, I'm sure the both of us will surely find our way back to each other again.

If not, let's just take it as a lesson learnt, & let God do the rest.

If we don't talk again, please remember I loved you, & i'll still do.

Thanks for being part of my life, your presence will always be remembered.

Bryana Huang

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


hey guys!! cant think of any suitable title for this blogpost so yeap shall stick with today's date.

suppose to meet peiyu & jovin @ 9am, but apparently i woke up late & peiyu got lost while taking the bus so i ended up meeting jovin @ 9.30am before peiyu join us around 10am.

im late even though im staying the closest away from the gym hahahaha ok oh well.

we went to hougang clubFITT gym & i totally didn't expected that the gym is quite packed.

thank God we're able to use the equipments after 15-20mins of waiting....

i look hilarious but ok HAHA took by peiyu

we met up after 2 hours @ nex & we're ready for the movie!!!
thankful that we got seats :-)

some selfie moment as we had about 30 mins before the movie........

the movie is so amazing!!!! not even kidding.
didnt expected to tear during a chinese movie & i did.
it's really touching & im sure it's a movie that you really dont want to miss!!!!

time to regain our energy, 18 chef yay~

more random pictures & videos on my snapchat @bryanahuang !!! :-)


Had cake cutting session @ home for mummy's birthday as she's flying off tomorrow even though her birthday is this coming thursday :(

Happy advanced birthday mummy!!!!!!

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Hugs & Kisses,
Bryana Huang

Monday, 2 November 2015

night safari

It's 2nd november today, 3 more days to my mum's birthday!!

As she will be away from Singapore,we are having a advanced birthday dinner today.

We head to have our dinner @ King's Laksa steamboat located in Serangoon.

Before that, i had a slight argument with my family & it ruined my mood.

Glad that things get better afterwards...

Planned to visit sea aquarium but it closed @ 7pm, & we ended up visiting the night safari.

By the time we reach there, it's around 9pm & i didnt expected that there's still plenty of tourists @ that timing.

Time for night adventure!!!!!!!

Took a short break @ the zebra cafe & definitely not missing out pictures!!!

Spent around 2 hours walking around part of the night safari before taking the tram, breathtaking sight ((mostly pitch darkness hahahaha))

Met plenty different types of animals / creatures / insects &&& my favorite was the otters, how adorable!!!


took this directly from my snapchat because i didn't saved the picture before writing the caption :-(

Ending my trip to night safari with some gelatos!!! the cookies & cream is simply disappointing :(((((

we look distorted HAHAHA

Even though my day started rough, disagreements & arguments, im thankful for my family & im glad that all of us enjoyed ourselves today, as my aunt seldom spend time with us & we don't usually interact with one another even at home.

Happy advanced birthday mummy, love you.

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Will be blogging a few entries this week, do stay tune for more :-)

Lots Of Love,
Bryana Huang