Tuesday, 5 January 2016

uss countdown 2015

after several failed attempts asking different group of friends out on new years eve, i managed to ask qifang out.

it was rather last minute plan as we didn't talk much during work (most of the time we're working different shifts) until her last day of work. with the help of john because he allowed me to work the same shift as qifang on her last day of work yay thanks john. :-)

we're just untangling necklaces at the cashier counter when we suddenly talk about countdown & how the both of us don't have any plans at all. so yeah we just went forward with the plan & went for countdown together.


wore a khaki knitted crop from forever 21 & a black shorts that i got from statementmuse.

met her @ vivo & i got boost juice while she got llao llao!
& some donuts from krispy kreme :-)

'excuse me, are you bryana?'
hahahahahaha damn cute omg someone said that while i was waiting for my boost juice yayz cravings satisfied!!!!!!

walked to uss from vivo & got our tickets ready!

'um sorry no outside food allowed'
qifang got 2 donuts while i have 3 to go.........

both of us ate 1 donut each & decided to squeeze the rest into our bag & went to the other end.


& yez we wasted 1 hour..........

i only went to uss once & it's 6 years back n i didnt manage to try most of the rides.


yup we coincidentally wore the same cap out that day hahaha twins twins

wanted to ride more of the rides but the rides were closed for the fireworks so we decided to get dinner!

we ordered hawaiian pizza & fish n chips, & we expected the portion to be bigger as it's $10 each but no omg the portion is just disappointing much :-(

greatest achievement of the day is that we took the battlestar galactica - human aka the red famous roller coaster @ 1am! & yes we went for it straight away after the fireworks are over.

everyone around us is just so hyped out, new year, new start!

it was such a great experience & istg i've been screaming so much my throat felt so bad n sore afterwards.

didn't expected my countdown to be like this, but im really enjoyed myself so much.

it's such a pity that i only got close to qifang after she stopped working @ forever 21, but im thankful to have her as my friend.

cheers to 2016, happy new year everyone x

Sunday, 3 January 2016

goodbye 2015

2015 was a year filled with ups n downs, but also at the same time, a year filled with memories.

in 2015, I've learnt that not everyone you loved are meant to remain in your life.
what they left me with are just memories of the past, & even lessons learnt.

at the start of the year, i thought i was blessed, until someone whom i thought will never leave, left. i started to get depressed & i really felt that it's the lowest time of my life.
(what a way to start a new year)

i never expected myself to fall so badly, stuck in the past for few over months & even resort to selfharming.

it was really bad & my teachers are quite concerned about me as it's my o level year as well.
I'm so sorry but i didn't mean to attract their attention. but still, I'm really thankful to my teachers.
(ps. shoutout to ms ng, mr tay, ms pilo, mr chew, mdm woo, thank you so much.)

got called for counselling & thank God i managed to get over my past after a long time.

adding on, i started attending church since valentine's day 2015.
so glad to know God better through the cell. so thankful to have moglom as my cell.
((ps. I'm so sorry i couldn't attend church that frequently. i miss y'all so badly))

not to forget, my clique in school that's formed from the start of 2015. even though we started off as 7 girls, & only left with 4 girls currently, im really thankful that you girls are always there for me to rant on, & especially toilet gang. lots of luv to y'all x

there's so many people i would love to thank & i know i couldn't mention every single one of them in this blogpost.

my first day in moglom :-)

representing nv guides for the award ceremony!!!!
grandma x aunt's bday celebration :-)

family photo after my birthday staycation!!

it's the first time someone surprised me for my birthday, thank u so much :-(
first time receiving flowers, thanks for the birthday celebration :-)

my first picture w braces on!!! :-)

graduation day w my bff since 2012

mum's bday celebration!!
red camp'15
school trip to cambodia, miss them so much :-(
first illumi run w my fav juniors x
3rd hillsong concert w mummy
1st photoshoot
xmas celebration w clique

thanks for staying by my side throughout 2015, thank u so much love.
first uss countdown, with qifang :-)
thank you so much to those who stayed throughout 2015, & i really hope you will still be one of those who stayed throughout 2016.

lets make 2016 a better year for all of us. to be a stronger, happier & a better person in overall, & also, build more memories with our loved ones.

there's so much to say, but yeah i'll just end my blogpost here.

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Bryana Huang