Saturday, 30 November 2013

update updateee

yoohooo~ back with a update about my stupid figure & loots of da weeeeek!

alot people keep asking about how my stupid thighs look like, because i told them i have very huge hip bone sobs. so.. to those curious fellow out there, presenting to you my asshole figure!! -major turnoff-

it look like a hourglass & i have a hard time finding high waist jeans sigh. T.T

btw, today is saturday!!! past few days had been a freaking freaking shopping week for me! :D so.. here are my loots of this week!!! *gasps*

these two vintage pullover are soooo lovely isnt? i sold it on my instashop at $22 & currently both are pending for cash deals yay!!!

i bought this donut spag top as i find it sooooo adorable!!! rly rly wanted to keep it for myself but i cant wear it out due to my back's condition pffft fuckyou. >:(( 

omgomgomg im soooo loving this IDGAF pullover from a instashop @fitmylooks!! :) it's $16.50 mailed & the material is sooo comfy & it's not rly thick which is suitable for singapore's weather!! :)

bought these two basic high waist shorts from a instashop's flea at kovan yesterday!!! i rly rly loveeee it alot but it's kinda tight as my butt area wtf -.- it's 12.5" across which is i can fit in , but it's tight at my thigh area & it squeezeeee all my thigh fats out ohmyfuck. T.T i hate to say but im selling these two lovely shorts at my instashop!!!

ohmiiigooooddd i bought this from yesterday's flea as well only at $12!! it's mine it's mine it's mine!!!

andddd my favourite loot of this week is these!!!!!!! omgggg it's $34 from a retail shop when i saw people selling $30 online!!!! GAAAAAHHHHHH. be jealous bitches muahahaha.

hhehehe, this week i've spent around $200-$300 on these apparels? :) but hopefully some of the apparels can be sold & i'll be able to earn some back yay!! :)

please support my instashop @shopxnanaa for affordables instocks, jansport bagpack preorder, converse preorder & alot alot more preorders coming up!!! :)

have a blessed weekend ahead,

Monday, 25 November 2013

deepest secrets.

hello there.

blogging about my deepest secrets thanks to a freaking anon who keeps spamming my asking about it. so here it is.

one of my deepest secret is my back. i have acne & chickenpox scars on my back. and it's so fucking horrible that i cant even expose my back. my self esteem drop to the max everytime i see a girl with a flawless back, with no acne, no scars, nothing. i love singlets, spag tops, dresses, like all the girls. but i cant wear them. my mum told me that im not the only one who has that problem, but i just cant accept it. why must it be me??? i tried ways to cure it but it dont works. i saw this on carousell & i wanted to buy it at first. i dont mind about the price but what if the scars end up getting worse?

theres only a few people who know about my back condition. i just dk how to face the fact lol. how i wish i can be a flawless girl, long legs, big eyes, perfect eyesight, skinny, have abs, no acne, have thigh gaps. but nah, it wont happen to me, sadly.

my dream since young had always been wanting to be a model. to be famous & people knowing you, going for photo shoots & earn as a living too. apparently i have to say goodbye to this silly dream of mine. i can never cure my back..

another deepest secret of mine, is my father. to that fucking anon on asking whether i have a father or not, nope, i dont have. he got divorced with my mum when im 1years old & i last seen him when im p2. and i guess this is the only family photo i have when im 1years old.

currently my whole family is left with my grandma, my mum & I. my aunt is currently working overseas so yeah. we had to rely on each other.

thats all for my deepest secrets. shoot any questions you wanna know on ( @nanaaxx99 ) & i'll answer it unless its fucking ridiculous. (: hehe goodnight x


Friday, 22 November 2013

love life

i felt very very moody tonight & i'll blog about my past love life. this guy is the best guy i've ever met as compared to the others. he used to be the most important part of me, even now.. but he left, on 14th october.

everything was perfect last year. until this year when he started changing during march holidays. & thats when we broke up for the first time, & patched back after 1day. things changed after that, he started asking for those adult relationships things & changed completly. he used to be a caring guy.. last year, he keep coming to my house & folded paper stars before christmas. and we managed to fold 1000 stars & 44 hearts in total.

we used to sit together in class from january to may. that's like the best thing ever. but we started to have more quarrels, cold wars after june holidays. that's when a guy came in. i was foolish enough to not stay away from that guy & accept money from him on my birthday when im not supposed to. ever since then, my ex started to not care about me as much as he used to anymore, not to start convo everyday & we got drifted alot. everytime when i ask him out, even on my birthday, it always got rejected. there's a period of time where i purposely got close to a guy in order to make my ex to notice me, to treasure me. however, that pushes him even further.

till now, it's been 1month 1week since we broke up. he moved on, but i dont. i still cant accept the fact that he's not here with me anymore. i still cry everyday because of him. everything i've done just reminds me of him. i really hope he could come back to me again, to let us start anew which is totally impossible as he has no more feelings for me.. he apparently wont see this, but i still want to say i love you. i still love you all along no matter what. im so sorry for being such a lousy girlfriend in the past. i dont even deserve such a nice guy like you. i hope to see you finding the right one soon & to see you getting happiness real soon. it hurts seeing you together with other girl but as long as you are happy, im satisfied. (:

" goodbye my love "


Wednesday, 13 November 2013


haaaloooo . (: today i went out with jolene, jia jun & eugene. we ate chocolate banana pancake at compass point's kfc & after that went to nex & ordered tickets for 11.30am 3D thor movie WEEEEE.

before the movie, we went to the arcade & played midnight tune ( racing car ) , jubeat , basketball & few more games. when playing jubeat, i suddenly felt a sharp pain at my gastric. when the others are buying food & snacks at the cinema, i suddenly felt so horrible & i started spinning. my eyesight totally went blurred & cant hear anything for quite awhile. >< all i can hear is jolene saying " bryana, you okay anot? " and i fell to the ground. i  felt so horrible & cold. finally after awhile, i got way better & off we went into the theatre.

BOOOOM, it's sososoooo awesomeee!! hehehehhehee. c: after the movie, we went shopping around & we saw jeremy , sorex & a few of their friends! busy saying hi here hi there hahahah . sadly they graduated this year sighsigh . went to build-a-bear & bought my little pony while jolene bought a bear ! (: advance christmas presentttttt :bbbbb

furry shoes to suit the christmas season hehehehehe ((:

birth certificate of rainbow dashy :)))


and my lovely yet horrible day ended here. update soon

" im trying my best to wash away our memories.. "


Thursday, 7 November 2013


hola. today i went to thomsons medical centre with my mum to visit her good friend who had just given birth 2days ago! which is my mum's bday too hehe. ;3 and omg , HE'S SO FREAKING CUTEEEEE.

His name is Darius Lee Xuan Yi ! ((: CUTE RIGHTTTTTT?!?! omg can i date him mummy ? xD he's 3.76kg when he's born & that's close to a bag of rice รถ

im was desperatly waiting to carry him but the baby's granny kept pushing me aside pfft. but , i got a chance to carry him yaaaay.

he's srsly a cutieee. i womder how he look like when he grow up though ;3


look at that blacklish thing on his forehead? that's the doctor's fingerprint. YES, THE DOCTOR'S FINGERPRINT.

he look so innocent & gentle. babies, the most precious gift to their parents. that moment when i carried him close to me, i felt like a mum xD yeap, the process of giving birth is difficult & tiring, but then it's worth after all isnt? 40weeks of pregnancy ends with the best gift ever , a baby. :)

good night & sleep tight baby darius. :)

update soon.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Catchup x Grandmother

oh heyyooooo. right after we got back home earlier in the morning, me & my ahma went to hougang 1 & ate sakae sushiiiii. heh singapore foods the best lah. :3

my ahma on budget plan & she kept asking me to eat lesser & go home eat maggi mee HAHA. but sadly no :P i ate alotttttt ! 2 chawamushi on my own & like 5-6coloured plates too! xD

jumbo jum jum booooooo

short & messy update so yeah.

malaysia tripppp

Hooolllaaa (: went to malaysia on friday afternoon till today morning & you can say i have fun ! (:

(( my friend say i look a little like peishi in this picture HAHAHA. ))

so 3hours of car jouney there, and butt pain neck pain back pain blaaahh. x_x went to batu pahut mall (( called as BP Mall )) with my relatives after we settled down . so awkward without my grandmother following us you know T.T sooo many teenage couples over there sia LOOOOL. damnn chicken. HAHAHA i must stop with my chicken thingy or i'll go crazy again.

so i bought a stitch small pouch at rm 8.90 & a scrump dustcap at rm 8 and the total is like sg $8?? WORTH ITTTT OKKKK!! sadly my relatives was playing my phone & i guess it drop on the road or smthing? T.T IT'S DAMN CUTEEEEEEE.

stitch is just something i CANNOT CANNOT maintain GAHHHHHH. i lub lub lubbbbb stitch alot HAHA.

After window shopshop for like an hour, my relatives brought me to a restaurant called " sushi king " aiya you see the name will know what i ate right? ahahah joke lol. sushi king is also like singapore's sakae sushi, it also have the auto moving thingy which i suddenly forget what it's called fuuuhhh. total bill is less than rm 50 , which means sg $20 lidat??? CHEAP BAHHHH.

I forgotten that im in malaysia & i replied like 10 longlong messages holyshittt. D:

Yesterday my grandmother & i went to a old shopping mall called " summit " it used to be my favourite shopping mall as i rmb i LOVED the miny playground at mcdonalds heheh. and i love to buy hair accessories over there when im still a little little girl ! :) but sadly.. mcdonalds had closed down, many many many more shops moved away from that shopping mall as many death cases happened there sigh.. then we went to try malaysia's pizza hut ! the prices are similar to singapore's one, which means when it's converted to sg it's half the price! but... the taste is totally different ewwww. i always loved hawaiin pizza & can eat 5pieces on my own!! but the moment i ate their pizza, ohmy im not gonna take another bite dude. their tomato sauce is like so sucklish T.T i called chicken wings too & i thought it is going to appear as brown / orange as it always do, but then over at malaysia, it's yellowish & it look like it's not cooked yet !

(( happy grandmother with mum mum mum ))

srsly pizza hut in malaysia totally tasted different from singapore's T.T one & only time im gonna eat it! ><

after a tiny little bit of shopping in summit, we went faciaaaaaal ! im so afraid that the facial is gonna ruin my face again like my previous experience in one of the facial at bishan, my whole face turn red & swollenn !!! the facial lasted from 3.30pm to 7pm, 2.5hours & my back & butt hurt like afghkojkcl . i nearly broke their sleeping area i guess wooopsss. it's like a super super hard & stiff board .____. can you believe they fking asked me to take off my top part clothesssss!!!! IM SO SO SOOOO SHOCKKK. so it's freaking cold with that sarong over my boddyyyy. but apparently that aunty that "served" me is gentle, & she tells me like how to take care of my complexion all these. (: it's wayyy better than singapore's ! (: she trimmed my eyebrows too & now it look so SWAGSWAGSWAGISH HAHAHA.

we had dinner & went to xiao hui's house where there's wifi like finallyyyy HAHA. so i started camworing agaiiinn. xD


i loved malaysia's "corridoor" as it's like sooo empty with seldom vehicles passing by so i took some ootd there todaaaayy c: credits to my gong but cute grandmother heheh. :D

and , welcome back to singapore HAHAHA.

updating soon