Sunday, 23 November 2014


hey guys,
back with another advert, this time round, featuring shoplunete, who kindly sponsored me with a clear gem prism necklace.

you can wear with a simple top & you already looking likka tumblr girl hahaha.

i love the necklace super duper much as it's really shiny & i just can't resist but to wear it out.

i kindly paired it with one of my favourite collection of shirt from lovelyitemss, fuck off tee, along with denim skorts from bugis street level 3.

get the clear gem prism necklace that im wearing from them only at $9.50, super cheap so why hesitate?! 

besides, they are also selling other tumblr, butteredgun, stylenanda etc stuffs & most of them range below $30.

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dont wait, do order now :*

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thankyou so much guys for reading,
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Bryana Huang

Thursday, 20 November 2014

a new beginning

19th november. we broke up. like yeah, good things come to an end isn't?

things wasn't good for 1.5 weeks.

gaming, girls, cca, work.

i give in so much for this relationship, saying sorry even when it's not my fault, trying my best to trust him, trying my best not to text him even when i need him.

the truth it, there's never a perfect relationship. third party coming in, shits happens. all these problems are something that we can't hide from, especially in a relationship. & we just have to overcome them.

apparently, im not strong. to even fight back? or to even to try keeping what's mine? what can i do seriously? all i can do is to just watching my boyfriend leaving me for a fucking primary school kid.

i wouldn't have found out so much without the help of my friends. by asking both of them the facts, even though it's super complicated & it's totally non of their business, they helped me, as they know i wont do anything. i tried, scrolling through their facebook timeline, i cried lol so yeap, im sorry im just useless.

throughout this 87 days of being together with him, im really happy. i mean like, who would expected that your eyecandy would like you back as well? i mean like, that's super rare isn't? so genn was the first guy who i noticed through national camp, & i find him really cute. until we start communicating with each other, i find him as a really nice guy. we went out twice after the camp, & we got together on his birthday.

as one of my friend was a facebook friend of that primary 6 girl, my friend stalked her & found many pictures of she & my boyfriend. oh wait, i mean my ex, genn, that was only able to be seen if you are a facebook friend of hers.

im really glad that throughout this 1.5weeks, the period when i was freaking breaking down everyday even though i appeared fine on the outside, the period of time that i got so nervous every single time whenever i want to enter whatsapp, afraid to receive a message from him. but still, throughout this 1.5weeks, there are some people who are there for me. those who stayed along, cheered me up, assuring me that things will be fine, telling me to give up. to those who cared, really, thankyou so much. im thanking you from the bottom of the heart because it's just so hard to explain how thankful i am. without you guys, i will be the old bryana who used to lock herself in the toilet & self harming herself, leaving scars on herself just simply because she have no idea how to overcome breakups.

yes, im a pathetic bitch who got dumped & a person who don't want to let go.

call me that, i don't care. i don't mind. i really can't be bothered.

things already happened, what can i do? NOTHING.

i felt so worthless. all i know is to seek advices from my friends, asking them what should i do to salvage this relationship.

but, what's the point of continuing the relationship when his heart is no longer here anymore?

this only shows that he's not the right person for me.

to genn: hey. so you blocked me, unfriend me on all the social medias, whats the point? i worth this much as compared to her? whats with you avoiding me..? what did i do to deserve all this? i apologised to you for ranting those that i want to say, i told you how much i dont want to lose you. & you even assured me ''ok baby. u will not lose me. just trust me there's nothing between me and her'' i literally quoted this from what you sent me on 15 november, 5.18pm. so what is this..? lies or? i trusted you. i really did. if i didn't trust you, i wouldn't have waited for your replies for hours. if i didn't trust you, i would have continue spamming when i see you online & not replying to my message. do you know how much it hurts when i found out all this truth by myself, & through my friends? whats with the picture that you took with her? you told my friend this, ''Y must i meet up with her if she don't trust me at first'' i apologised to you on 15 november, you went to met her on 16 november. you told me that you will be meeting me on 15 november. okay i cancelled my work just to spare time for you. i waited. no message no calls, nothing. did i really meant this much to you? people are judging me for dating a younger guy, i don't mind. probably because you are my eyecandy since national camp, even though i used to judge people about them dating a younger guy. i thought you were different. you were good to me & you were good to my family as well. did you even know that my family blame me for everything because of this issue? i mean like, im not pushing the blame to you or anything. but it's like.. us drifting apart is totally not my fault? i did nothing wrong. why must i be the one who get blamed for, & why must my family side you instead of me? but anyway, thankyou so much for everything during this 87 days, those times when we skype whole day long during exam period, meeting up everyday during exam period even though we are not suppose to meet for an entire month. i mean, being together with you, is something that i never expected it to happen, being together with you, i felt loved, i felt different. im really really happy to be together with you, despite people telling me that you are a playboy. i don't believe them at all. what are all the promises & swears that you made? are all of it just simply lies? 1111 wishes are bullshits. you told me to wish for us everyday during 1111, & my wish was to last forever with you. it's just a stupid wish that i made. & this forever was simply 87 days. i loved you. but i guess, you are happy with her, & i wish you all the best. last long with amanda tan.

it hurts but i have to move on.

240814 - 191114

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Signing Off,
Bryana Huang

Monday, 17 November 2014

if you are those people who like to judge, i recommend you to leave this page now.
if you are not, continue reading.

so yeap as you guys know what happened, or should i say most of you know what's going on? if not, yeah i should just simply say alittle over here.

me & my boyfriend are currently together for 85 days, which is coming 3 months next week. for other couples, most of them should be still in their honeymoon period??? but for us, not anymore. we were drifted apart for currently 9 days. shit happened, things changed. we may still be technically together, but we behaved like strangers now.

so is this what they say, karma? for leaving my ex boyfriend for genn, & is this the karma i received?

i received many comments from my friends, most of them asking me to stay strong, some asking me to last long with him, assuring me that things will be better, & some asking me to break up with him.

thankyou all for caring. i mean like, yeah. no matter what comments you all made, at least you all made time to make these comments, to whatsapp me, to comment on my picture, to pm me on instagram & twitter, & asking questions on askfm.

side note, i started work last friday, im quite happy to work. i love working tbh. it's the only thing that kept me from overthinking. over at work, working with my lovely work mates, even though i had to deal with the damn crowd alone as cashier hahaha.

things sucks recently, literally everything. i'm just so tired with life & i just need a break away from every single thing.

to those people who told me to cheer up, yes i will. im happy, i will always smile for you all. but whats hidden behind those smiles, hahaha yeah.

i want to be happy.
i'll be fine.

Bryana Huang

Saturday, 15 November 2014


thankyou so much to those who read my blog, commented on my previous picture on instagram, private chat me on instagram, twitter, ask me to cheer up through askfm, & especially to those who sent me super long messages, like ashy, rach, rickson. even though i know them through social medias & don't know me well, im really thankful to every single one of you who cares.

i may not be totally well now, but im way better than yesterday, & life goes on.

to those who thought that i had broken up with genn, sorry to disappoint you guys, but we didn't. just that we didn't communicate ever since yesterday's issue.

anyway, this is not the main point. im back with another collaboration, the first time collaborating with a shop that sells temporary tattoos.

thepinkskirt had kindly sponsored me with two sheets of temporary tattoos, a stars designs & this one, the one in the pictures below, which i have no idea what it wrote but still, i love the font so yeap hahaha. & it's really simple & trendy.

tattoos are attractive. but it is such a pity when you got tired of the design & have to go through a lot of procedure in order to get rid of it. therefore, it's way better to get temporary tattoos as there's soooo many designs to choose from & it's way cheaper than normal tattoos.

the tattoos are easy to put on, it's waterproof, & it's long lasting.

i actually pasted one of the tattoos on my wrist on thursday, forgetting that i had work yesterday. in the end yesterday i had a hard time scratching it out, causing a mark on my wrist ahaha.

it totally shows how long lasting the tattoos are! :)

side note: their new designs are really cute as it have colours on it which you don't wanna miss out!!

do follow them on their websites
instagram - @thepinkskirt_
carousell - @thepinkskirt

you can choose to send in your orders through their order form by simply clicking here or click the link from their instagram bio.

do quote ''NANAxPINKSKIRT'' when you purchase 3 or more pieces from them for 5% discount including free normal mail :)) they are selling temporary tattoos at $2 per sheet. all temporary tattoos are instocks & you are able to mix & match them to get that 5% discount when you buy 3 or more pieces. for more designs do view them on their carousell page @thepinkskirt

Thankyou so much to thepinkskirt for sponsoring me & to all my previous sponsors. will be making a section including all my previous sponsors' details & stuffs. do stay tune for more blogpost. :)

Bryana Huang

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Outing x

Hi readers!!!

I've been so damn busy recently, going out everyday, plus im starting my first day of work tomorrow yay or nay?

Actually i suppose to be working today, but i took leave today just to meet them.

It's the first time im meeting someone whom i knew from the internet, & even though i am a super duper awkward person in real life, im really excited to meet them.

Met bel & gwen @ hougang during noon, & took the mrt to Orchard.

First stop, Etude House.

Orchard branch's etude house is super gorgeous, especially the whole shop is filled with pink & white.

Bel paid $30 in order to get makeup from this makeup artist, & i swear it's super cool.

Bel sat infront of this dressing table, filled with different etude house products, & after like 30-45min, she look super different especially with the brows & eyeliner. So i guess, $30 is so worth it as compared to getting makeup from a professional? :)

After bel is done with her makeup, we went over to somerset to meet Rachel.

gosh, she's super petite & damn gorgeous.

we went walking around a few malls, following them around as bel wanted to buy a bag for her boyfriend & she bought 2 pullovers from the editor's market. after some window shopping, we went to a korean eatery at scape for lunch.

sorry no pictures during lunch but yeap.


we head on to orchard getway & we went to another branch of the editor's market as there's a $10 section.

bought a white bralet which have a slight torn & some stains on it. but still, from $29 to $10, it's worth it. plus, it's the bralet that i had been looking for a long time, so i decided to buy it, & obviously im going to wash it & then sew it up.

we went to the rooftop, which is 12th floor. 

during the super long escalator.......

the view is super pretty!!

bel & rach went to a waterfall corner to take their ootd while me & gwen stand aside.

regretted not taking ootd earlier on :(

our loots from TEM

candid of me & gwen heh. wore oversized tee together as planned because yay.
gwen is super pretty. can you believe she didn't apply anything on her face but yet she look so gorgeous? she got the natural blush & i like her double eyelid haha.


Bel is super qt, especially with her hairstyle & her necklace & her bag. it's totally perfect.

we took lots of pictures as the lighting up there is super nice, but at that time my eyes were feeling dry so ya my eyes in all the following pictures look small........

ya that awkward gap tho

not forgetting a toilet selfie

ok whatever we are just having fun.

overall, it was a awkward day with them. but still, it's nice meeting them. thanks to the fashion enthusiast whatsapp group that was created on 11th July, i met so many lovely people in that group.

there's 33 people including me inside that group, & i only met 3 out of 32.

hopefully the future meetups will be much better than today & i can't wait to meet the others.

thankyou so much for reading this,

Bryana Huang