Tuesday, 22 December 2015

hello kitty run 2015

this year is my 2nd time signing up for hello kitty run along with my mum.
this year, she also invited 2 of her bff ((for 10 over years)) & their kids along.

ok throwback to last year..............
went with my mum & when we're only at 1km, ((so yeah 4km to go)) , it started raining so heavily that the run cannot continue.
as there's no shelters nearby, my mum & i had to run to the nearest shelter but it's flooded w lots of family with kids so yeah.
great experience to run under the rain though!!!!!!!

ok back to the story...........

im ready for hello kitty run 2015!!!!!!!!

finally filled my hungry tum tum!!!!!

lookin forward to more runs in the future :-)

Bryana Huang

Wednesday, 16 December 2015


went to ci yuan cc a week back for another round of photoshoot with my grandmother.
((yup that's right my grandmother is the photographer behind most of my shoots))

in this blogpost, im going to promote the casings promoted by littletrinkets.

carousell : littletrinkets

they had kindly sponsored me two phone casings of my choice & i had chosen the ''nike in the clouds'' & the ''grid'' cover.


do check out their website http://little-trinkets.weebly.com/ for all of the available designs.
adding on, not only samsung & iphone casings are available, there's even a large variety of phone models to choose from!
simply click on ''supported phone models'' or on this link ((http://little-trinkets.weebly.com/supported-phone-models.html)) for more details.

do support & purchase your phone casings from them alright x

besides going over to shoot for my phone casings, i decided to shoot my ootd as well.

here's some pictures from that day.....

that's all for this blogpost.

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Bryana Huang