Sunday, 25 January 2015

bloggy x blogshop

Bloggy Blogshop had sponsored me with this luxury 34 black lens. As i had been wearing lens ever since december 2013, my expectations for luxury lens are quite high hahaha. & it's pretty annoying how some lens are manufactured wrongly ((etc the lens diameter don't suit the eyes)) & i couldn't continue wearing them as my mum says it will affect my eyes & may increase the chances of getting blind. It's really uncomfortable how the lens will keep shifting position everytime i blink, & there's a few times whereby the lens stucked in my eyes & i have difficulties taking it out :')

Bloggy Blogshop's lens are really comfy & luxury 34 is one of the hot selling lens as the design is super pretty!!!!!!!!

grab your own pair of luxury lens from bloggy blogshop today, 100 designs to choose from, one pair for only $6.80, minimum 2 pairs :) preorder will close on 30th january, waiting time of less than 2 weeks only!!

quote my name for free normal mail when you purchase minimum of 3 pairs of lens!!! x

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Bryana Huang

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

lemniscate x closet

when we are a child, everyone should have something or a character that means so much to one. & for me, it keeps changing throughout the years. stitch had been my favourite ever since 2012. despite others' comments that stitch is ugly as compared to other characters, i don't really care. i can't remember how i became a hardcore fan of stitch, it just happened.

i started collecting lots & lots of things related to stitch. soft toys, keychains, stickers, badge, notebook, accessories, tshirts, & now, finally, thanks to lemniscate closet, i finally got a stitch phone casing.

i was so glad to be able to change my xiaomi note, which i had been using for 5 months, to a iphone6 gold, on the last day of 2014. it was such a great new year gift. & thanks to that, i can finally get away from my ugly phone casings & yay to new phone casing from Lemniscate Closet.

"'Ohana" means "family." "Family" means "no one gets left behind." But if you want to leave, you can. I'll remember you though. ---- Lilo

There's so many different designs to choose from, even the trendy stardust bloop casings are available as well!
For phone covers, preorder will close every saturday with only 1-2 weeks of waiting time.

Quote ''bryanahuangx'' & receive 5% off total bill :)

Do check them out & get loots from them, you'll never regret it!
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Bryana Huang

Friday, 16 January 2015


secondary 4 life is hell. 

it had been less than a month since school started, & i'm already struggling. as i did pretty badly for my end of year examinations last year, i'm down for almost all of the after school programme, which is remedial for the weaker students.

besides remedial & school work, i'm also struggling with my tuition work. to be honest, i have tuition for 4 subjects : Emaths, Amaths, Combined Science (Physics & Chemistry) @ kovan mavis.

I have to stay back after school for remedial everyday from next week onwards. Even though it haven't started, i'm already feeling the stress.

School works, Tuition works, where got time for revision & personal time when i always reach home at evening time? Is this what others said, the hell of secondary 4 students?

Cca. I'm going to step down on 13th march 2015, which means there is less than 2 months till i finished my 4 years journey in girl guides. it had been a pretty good experience being in girl guides to be honest. i joined this cca along with my friends, & i really disliked it when i was secondary 1. 

I dislike uniformed groups ever since i was in primary school as i find it very lame & nerd. As time goes by, after many involvement in girl guides, thinking day, cookie sale, national day parade, camps etc etc, i find that every events have a meaning behind it. through all these events, you will be able to interact with girl guides from other schools, know new friends & learn new things from it.

The most memorable encounter in girl guides is during my involvement in national day parade. i signed up for national day parade under girl guides as my mum told me so. i had no intention of joining it but i just go along with the idea & went for the marching trial. End up, i was the only guide from my school went got selected. I didn't talk to anyone during the training, which was every saturday, for about 1 month. i eat alone, i sit alone on the bus. i tried making friends but it's really too hard for me as i seldom speak up. i tried saying hi to some & i end up feeling feel awkward & just move away from them. i felt really upset during that period of time, as i felt that i can't blend in with the others.

I started making friends with Juliet, thanks to the leaders of guides, & we started talking & eat together every week. slowly, i made more & more friends. our training started on the start of may, all the way till national day parade. i made friends with evelyn on the 3rd last training, when they helped us celebrated the july babies & she asked me when's my birthday. it's super awkward that we only talked for thats 3 days (3 saturdays) & we actually became close friends now. we texted everyday ever since october 2013, till now. it's pretty amazing how a stranger can mean so much to me right now just through girl guides.

last 2 months of girl guides, every cca training is just precious. thanks for letting me be the company leader for north vista secondary company, even though i'm a useless one who can't train the girls well.

11 more months of hardcore studying before o levels, i really wish this motivation will remain till the end of it, & that everything will be worth it.

''i've learnt that there will always be people coming & leaving your life every now & then. you just got to stay strong & don't let this affect you at all.''

Bryana Huang

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


greeting everyone :-)

finally blogging after one month since i had time right now, after completing my homeworks heh. time flies, it's 2015 now. o's for me this year, which means more homeworks, more tuition, more revision, more stress this year. it may be hard for me to cope everything, but i will not give up. a failure is just a opportunity for a second try.

aiming high is one thing, working hard towards your goals is another thing. im aiming to get into singapore poly as it's easier for me to travel as i can go to school by mrt. besides, i have seniors & friends in that school.

LYS Style is an online boutique for ladies by ladies. Whether you are a student, office lady or a professional, we know that every girl wants to look her best and feel good at all times!

At LYS Style, we believe fashion and style should be affordable and easily accessible. Hence, our designs are fashionable and up-to-date and promptly delivered to your home or any address within the shortest time frame possible.

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Go on and pamper yourself or a cherished female friend or relative today with our quality products that speak of love!

i was being sponsored by lysstyle with a marble romper. i was pretty insecure at first as i didn't had a tube romper before this & i was afraid that it will end up looking weird on me. it was of very good quality & it fits perfectly on me.

this marble romper had paddings, but it is better if you still wear a strapless bra as well. besides, their sizing can fit people of different sizes, as there's a elastic band at the back.

i wore it on saturday, to tuition. & it's so awkward as people are staring me the moment i walk in. after tuition, went to singapore poly & ngee ann poly's open house.

necklace: in c/o @wlcshop
marble romper: in c/o lysstyle

((photoshoot on monday 12th jan))

do follow lysstyle on their websites & check out more apparels they are selling. if you dont know, they are selling both instocks & preorders, just in time for new year which is a month away! :-)

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secondary 4 life was tough. having to see my seniors getting back their results on monday, it really affected me. especially before receiving their results, you are able to see their anxious faces. & after receiving their results, you would see some of them crying. it really hurts, & frightens me that it would be me taking back my results in exactly one year time.

i sincerely apologise for the lack of updates, i will try my best to update as much as possible especially during weekends.

any enquires, do email me @ or ask me your questions at my askfm @bryanahuang

signing off here,
Bryana Huang