Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone.

This year, things are so different from the other years.

I'm not alone for Valentine's!

yay submitted L&L assignment today :-)

kassna or nakass or brysandra or kassana
lol HAHA.

Thanks Grace for shooting this & editing it hehe.

Ended school @ 3 pm & supposed to meet Gab @ Outram Park around 3.45pm.

Who knows my iPhone cable died on me when I just got up the train @ Bedok & was not contactable throughout the entire train journey.

Gab was pretty pissed since he tried calling me a few times but my phone was down. & I reached only around 4.30pm.
( I'm sorry boo :( )

I got Gab a hoodie that he always wanted from Cotton on.
Besides that, I got these for him hehe.

Nothing much since I was extremely busy clearing all my assignments for the past week & I only started planning the gifts the night before Valentine's Day.

I used felt to cut out the heart shape but I guess I ruined it badly.
I wrote some notes on the back of the box but it's not shown in the picture.

Okay back to the story,
So Gab was standing on the platform, wearing a white collar tee & his usual backcombed hair, carrying a Starbucks paper bag & a plastic bag.

Went up to him & OMG
It's a bouquet of flowers!!!!!

It's so pretty & & it's my first time receiving a bouquet of flowers from somebody.
So blessed :')

Took MRT over to our usual spot, Clarke Quay Starbucks & it's so crowded :(

Thank God we found seats.

Thanks for the flowers :(

 He burst out laughing when he realized his unglams are printed on the card.

Thank you for always putting in efforts in this relationship.
You never fail to brighten my day.

Took this from Gab's instastory.
Sounds hilarious but that was really my first reaction, HAHA I mean flowers are expensive why get real flowers when you can get fake ones at a way cheaper price right.

And he printed a customized photo book for me!!!!!

Our day was spent pretty much in Starbucks as his exams are coming up.

In the evening, we left our things in Starbucks & went out.

He laughed at me just because I brought my flowers out for photo taking.
I mean, who wouldn't??????

I wouldn't want someone to take the flowers away :(

I previously brought a love lock for him as his birthday present.

And finally, we're locking it today!!!!!!!

Thank you for climbing up & locking it at the top just because I wanted it :(

Yay :')

We asked some caucasian to take pictures for us...

That awkward kiss though but yay hehe.

OH OH before I forget,
We threw the keys into the river!!!!!!

yay another bucket list down :-)

As usual, we went to Clarke Quay's basement for dinner.


Asked him to take a picture of me with the bouquet of flowers since the lighting is pretty good.

Look how the picture turns out to be......

& of course, I asked him to retake the picture...

After dinner, we went back to Starbucks & accompanied him while he studied until 10 pm before sending me back.

It is my first time celebrating Valentine's Day with someone special, & I'm so thankful for everything.

I don't require expensive gifts or even flowers (tbh I didn't even expect him to give me anything)
All I require is a simple day out with my other half.

Thank you so much for spending time doing the gifts despite having exams & making time for me when you have exams to study.

'Even though I am having exams, I will still make time for you.'


I still remembered the first time I met him on 24th July @ Punggol MRT tap out area.
Camo top, black ripped jeans, striped Adidas high cuts & backcombed hair.

I've never expected him to be part of my life at all.
5 months has passed & I am amazed by how far we came.

1st Valentine's Day together, & definitely not the last.

Hope you guys enjoyed your Valentine's Day too.

Lots of Love,
Bryana Huang

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